What are the benefits of PICO Laser

Acne scarring, discoloration, skin imperfections, and – last but not least – unwanted tattoos are enough to make you lose confidence in your appearance. Regardless of your age, you want brighter and more rejuvenated skin. Fortunately, achieving a youthful skin appearance is not that challenging feat. You can choose from several options, one of which is to acquire the benefits of PICO laser.

What is PICO Laser Technology?

PICO laser technology provides a non-surgical way of removing skin imperfections, including dark pigments, scarring, and unwanted tattoos. Because of the high-intensity light beam it uses without invasiveness, this laser technology is regarded as the safest yet most effective way to address various skin problems.

PICO laser is a widely considered option to treat pigmented regions and tattooed areas of the skin. Moreover, this laser treatment enhances elastin production to give you a more youthful skin appearance.

How does the PICO Laser Treatment Work?

The PICO laser benefits from a unique light wavelength of 755nm and a specialized lens, causing the laser beam to exert gentle pressure on the treatment area. This laser impact is pretty different from those of other traditional lasers. The force generated from this impact helps shatter the problematic pigments and contract skin cells. As a result, the production of collagen and elastin is also enhanced.

PICO Laser Benefits

What makes Pico laser the best way to address various skin issues is its list of highly prominent benefits. The remaining part of this article covers some of those benefits, so continue reading.

1. An FDA-Cleared Treatment

The Food and Drug Administration follows some pretty stern protocols when analyzing a medical device for its safety and effectiveness for users. They make sure that any given device causes little to no side effects. The good thing about the PICO laser is that it comes with approval from the FDA. According to the administration, Pico laser is a safe and highly effective treatment for:

This laser technology is also effective in treating:

  • Sunspots
  • Freckles
  • Wrinkles
  • Melasma
  • Scarring

2. Overall Gentle Treatment

Although Pico laser treatment benefits from a high-intensity light beam, it is a surprisingly gentle treatment. As evident from before/after pictures, most laser treatments result in burns and blisters, which take a considerable amount of time to subside. Pico laser is different from those conventional laser options, and in a good way. The results achieved from PICO laser treatment are quicker and without severe side effects.

3. Quicker Treatment Sessions

The length of a typical treatment session with a Pico laser is 10 minutes. Generally, one session is all it takes to remove a small tattoo or a superficial scar. However, you may need to undergo several treatment sessions if there is a more prominent scar or a giant tattoo to remove. You can ask your dermatologist how many sessions it will take to treat your skin problem.

4. Entirely Non-Invasive

Pico laser targets pigments, lesions, and scar tissues without affecting the nearby skin. For this reason, it is known as an entirely non-invasive treatment in the cosmetic medical industry. The treated area will look like having sunburns for a couple of days after the procedure. On top of that, you will be able to resume your routine activities immediately after the treatment. You can discuss with your dermatologist if you have any concerns about this procedure.

5. Helps You Get the Skin You Want

Whether it’s the huge tattoo you do not want anymore or the acne scar that remains unconcealable, you can benefit from Pico laser treatment to regain your appearance. After getting treated, you will have more confidence in your appearance. On top of that, you will get permanent results essentially without getting under the knife.

Additionally, Pico laser treatment can help you remove wrinkles and fine lines, both of which are infamous aging signs. This laser treatment contracts and boosts collagen under the skin, effectively resetting the aging clock.

Final Thoughts

Despite all the talk about how safe and effective Pico laser treatment is, everything eventually boils down to your dermatologist’s skill. The expertise of your practitioner goes a long way towards procedural success, so ensure that you consider only a reputable clinic for your treatment.

Laser Skin Care Clinic is one of the best clinics providing Pico laser treatment for various skin problems. Our dermatologists are highly experienced in formulating treatment plans to help you achieve your beauty goals in the best possible way.