Dermapen for Old Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are lines of different sizes and patterns on the skin. These lines can appear in different colors, such as red and purple. Moreover, there are many causes, but common reasons include pregnancy, weight gain, and weight loss. Women are more likely to face this issue because pregnancy is the most significant cause. Luckily, Dermapen Treatment offers a solution for all skin types to remove stretch marks.

What are stretch marks?

As you know that stretch marks are deep tears through the deep skin layers. The stretch marks contain scar tissues that fade over time. This scar tissue is often very tough and takes a lot of time to disappear. In such cases, dermatologists suggest a stretch marks removal treatment for those who want to remove it at the earliest.

What problems do they cause?

People may not be able to wear short dresses due to stretch marks. It is due to the reason that their stretch marks become visible when they wear short dresses. On the other hand, the skin looks flawed that causes self-esteem issues.

There are different options to get rid of stretch marks quickly. Microneedling and Laser Treatments are famous in this regard. If you have deep and old stretch marks, you should consider Microneedling or Laser Stretch Marks Treatment.

What is Dermapen Treatment?

Dermapen, otherwise known as derma roller treatment, is a microneedling treatment. During the procedure, a set of tiny needles is used to puncture the skin, promoting collagen production. However, derma roller needles need to be at least 2mm long to have a real effect on deep and old stretch marks. The derma rollers people mostly use at their homes are not that long. These at-home microneedling devices range from 0.2mm to 0.5mm. The needles that are longer than 0.5mm can reach the nerve endings in the skin, thereby causing pain. That is why local anesthesia is administered before performing the stretch marks treatment.

Generally, the treatment does not have an extensive recovery period. As a result of the treatment, the skin experiences cell regeneration which enhances its overall texture and tone. Due to the increased level of collagen production, the skin becomes smooth, and the stretch marks fill in. The deep stretch marks often take more than one treatment session to disappear. The number of sessions a person has to take depends on a person’s age and the depth of the stretch marks.


The penetration of microneedles causes many benefits to the skin. First of all, the needles cause micro-injuries and make the skin bleed. Due to these tiny injuries, the healing process of the skin sets in. Collagen production also rises due to the healing process.

At the Laser Skin Care Clinic, we always use standard and genuine derma rollers to perform Stretch Marks Treatment. We have a strict system to select and procure devices and equipment. To avoid infections, we make sure the device is sterilized before use.

It is clear from the above discussion that at-home derma rollers cannot remove the deep and old stretch marks. If you have got old and deep stretch marks, call us or fill the online form to consult a dermatologist.