Pigmentation not only ruins the best photographs but also makes a person insecure for not having the perfect complexion. Pigmentation treatment is the most recent magical treatment in the cosmetic industry. It not only allows us to have a flawless complexion but also removes acne. Moreover, it makes the skin appear younger and tighter. However, after the pigmentation treatment, the skin requires some extra attention and care.

Laser Skin Care Clinic professionals give the best advice on how to prevent pigmentation before it appears. Our specialized professionals perform pigmentation treatment that provides effective results.

Precautions after Pigmentation Treatment

They say precaution is better than cure. So, below, we have shared some tips regarding precautionary measures after a pigmentation treatment. Following these measures will help the skin heal quickly. It will also reduce downtime and improve the results of the treatment.

  • Keep the Skin Moisturized

Laser treatments involve removing dead skin layers, and new skin tissues replace the older ones. Pigmentation treatment is a minimally invasive procedure for skin that can make it dry and rough. So, it is essential to keep the skin adequately moisturized after the treatment.

Some specialists recommend patients rub petroleum jelly or a prescribed ointment at the treated areas. The moisture allows the skin to heal quickly by increasing its growth and productivity.

  • Minimize Sun Exposure

After the pigmentation treatment, the skin becomes extremely sensitive. A minimal amount of sun exposure can result in sunburns or red marks, leading to spots on the skin.

To avoid any mishaps, minimize unnecessary sun exposure and direct sunlight. Moreover, use sunscreen to keep the skin hydrated as well as sun-protected. Use a hat to avoid direct sun exposure on the face and cover the sensitive area around the eyes with glasses.

  • Reduce Swelling Instantly

It is usual for the affected area to swell up after the surgery. However, it is vital to eliminate the swelling as soon as possible; otherwise, it will cause bulges or fat clusters.

To reduce and eliminate swelling, use ice-cold water. Use ice cubes on the treated areas and wash the face with cold water. The doctor may also prescribe medications or ointments.

  • Follow a Good Skincare Routine

Follow a good skincare routine after the pigmentation treatment. Also, wash the face and hands thrice a day. Keep the skin adequately moisturized with creams and ointments. Moreover, take extra care during winters to keep the skin hydrated. If the skin feels dry or rashes appear, treat it instantly.

  • Peeling or Redness

Usually, after the laser treatment, patients experience redness, and their skin may start peeling off. While peeling doesn’t continue for long, it can lead to redness if not appropriately treated.

To avoid any severe consequences, use an ointment prescribed by a specialist to reduce peeling.

  • General Precautions

Some general precautionary measures after pigmentation treatment are as follows:

  • Avoid sunlight.
  • Apply sunscreen.
  • Wear a hat.
  • Keep the skin hydrated.


Our clinics have permanently treated several pigmentation cases, allowing our clients to have the perfect skin. If you also suffer from hyperpigmentation, consider pigmentation treatment and restore blemish-free skin. Make an appointment TODAY to have flawless skin.