bad beauty trends in teens

In childhood, everyone is fascinated by the recent trends on the internet and the fashion world. A large number of tweens and teenagers love trends such as piercing, tattoos, and makeup. Children just like to keep up with the pace of the rapidly moving world. Our children do not know the pros and cons of the things people are doing out there.


Teenagers and Beauty Treatments

Girls are always into beauty and makeup products. Women are not alone in makeup and beauty following; an increasing number of men are also taking a keen interest in beauty and makeup products these days. Around the world, many beauty treatments are in these days and people are adopting these beauty treatments to look cool and updated.

In some parts of the world, a person is deemed as outdated if he or she is not following these new trends. Not all of these beauty treatments good for us. That is why parents should have an eye on the children so that they do not indulge in a wrong thing just to look cooler than others.

Following are the recent trends followed by the people around the world;

  • Tattoos: Tattoo drawing is increasing at an astounding pace.
  • Hair Dye: Hair dyeing is not a new fashion. It is generally adopted by women. In general, there is no harm in dyeing hair.
  • Make Up: A great number of women in the world wear make up to enhance their facial look.
  • Pedicures: pedicures are the next trends gaining popularity. There is a need to take care because they can cause infections.
  • False Lashes: False eyelashes should be clean before application to the eyes. Eyelashes may cause infection if proper care is not taken.
  • Hair Removal: It is also gaining popularity around the world due to its great effectiveness. Laser hair removal Dubai is a safe and effective treatment.
  • Body Piercing: Piercing is different than other trends because unlike other trends, it is permanent.
  • Tanning Treatments: tanning in sunlight is not harmful but the tanning salons should be avoided at all costs.
  • Hair Straightening: Girls, who have curly hair like to straighten their hair. Different chemicals are present in hair straightening products. Some chemicals are harmful.
  • Hair Extension: Some girls like to wear hair extensions. It is safe in general but the lack of care can cause complications.


End Result

Parents should know about these increasing beauty treatments to adopt current trends in the world. Some of the treatments have harms for us. Parents should keep discussing the pros and cons of these beauty treatments. Consulting with your doctor would be a good idea if you are not sure if a treatment is useful or harmful.