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Zero Percent financingThe Money Issue

Many amongst our customer base are individuals who are already waging their own mental and physical battles against aesthetic imperfections while struggling with insecurity and confidence problems due to these appearance problems. Unfortunately most of such people realize that money is the major obstacle that stands between them and utilizing the wonders of cosmetic surgery. Following months and years of natural therapy, exercise, dieting and DIY techniques, everyone expects to have results; but not everyone does. Cosmetic surgery is always a better one-time investment rather than living a life of temporary solutions. But once again the price factor stands in the way since cosmetic surgery does not come cheap. This is why Laser Skin Care has adopted a zero percent financing solution for all patients looking to achieve professional and safe cosmetic surgery from certified and skilled physicians.


Depending on the type and extent of surgery, the costs increase proportionally. Laser Skin Care can now offer customers with a dedicated smart plan to efficiently solve the money issue and get prospective patients very much closer to achieving their aesthetic dreams of beauty.

Financing Process

Simpler requirements are needed for the financing plan to take place. Firstly the customer ought to be a credit card holder from either one in of the following banks for the most convenient financing plans.

  • National Bank Abu Dhabi
  • First Gulf bank

Once you fill in the free consultation form each patient will be booked for a pre-op meeting at our office after which they need only to swipe their credit card before going in for surgery. Prior to that the patient has consulted a surgeon and while keeping the bank in touch a financing plan is agreed upon. The patient will of course be notified of any advancements or decisions undertaken for the whole plan to go through. After surgery has been performed repayment of the financing plan is carried out on a monthly basis of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months based on the plan. What this entails is that there will be a 0% upfront payment and 0% interest on the credit card afterwards compared to the other companies that charge more without 0% financing.

The only condition that qualifies a patient for financing is that if the customer is opting for a cosmetic surgery/treatment/makeover which has a surgical cost surmounting 10,000 AED.

The perks

  • Patients no longer need to remain constantly worried about piling financial costs. Without that worry at the back of their head it becomes more convenient for undergoing surgery and recovering afterwards.
  • No up-front payments, extra costs, added penalties and no annual charges.
  • After a card is swiped it is only a matter of 2 to 4 hours for the processing to take place before cosmetic surgery becomes the patient’s reality as opposed to a dream.

So sign up below for a free consultation and book a meeting with a specialist all the better to guide you with so that you may be able to explore your surgical and financing options while you get to know more about the treatments and how you can achieve your dreams at Laser Skin Care.

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