Best Tattoo Removal for Green Ink

Lasers have proved to be the best and safest method when it comes to tattoo removal. When it comes to laser tattoo removal the laser targets the ink from the tattoo which is in the dermis layer of the skin. The laser then emits light energy which is absorbed by the ink particles which then shatters the ink into very tiny microscopic fragments. The fragments are eliminated from the body through the immune system.

You require the right technology in order for laser tattoo removal in Dubai to be safe and effective. There is a misconception that green ink tattoo is impossible to remove or hard and that could not be further from the truth. All you have to do is visit the right clinic which has up to date lasers. White ink tattoos are the only ones that cannot be treated because there is no color pigment for the laser to sense.

The ability for the ink to absorb the laser light energy determines how effective the laser will remove the pigment color. Lasers operate at different wavelengths so as to target specific ink colors. The ink either reflects or absorbs the laser’s light energy depending on the wavelength of the laser which is used and the ink color which is targeted. If the laser light is not absorbed by the ink then the wavelength used is ineffective hence the tattoo won’t be removed because the ink has not fragmented.

Types of lasers wavelengths that are used for removing tattoos


The 1064 nm wavelength absorbs dark ink and it’s near infrared. The beam from 1064 nm wavelength laser is invisible to the human eye. It targets dark purples, dark browns, dark blues and black colors.


The ruby laser removes brighter shades of green, purple and blue and its wavelength is hardly visible red light.


This has a visible green light and it is effective on warm-toned colors as well as red ink.


This has a barely visible red light and works well on blue and green colors.

Green ink tattoo can ONLY removed by the 694 Nm wavelength via the Ruby laser. Some clinics may treat green ink tattoo by a dye-modified compromise wavelength of 650 Nm which has a lower power. This slows down the process and extra sessions will be required to get the optimal results and the extra sessions translate to extra cost.

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Before settling for a particular clinic do your research on it first because there are some clinics which say that they can remove certain tattoo ink colors while in reality they cannot. They may start the removal process but they won’t deliver deliver the optimal results.