Are dark circles a very serious and dangerous health problem? No not at all, but they can make you look tired, unhealthy and at least 3-5 years older than your actual age which is not a good thing. Getting a good night’s rest is very important, but we all had a stressed-out week or some fun vacation that made us stay up all night. These poor health decisions are often reflected by our skin. The first thing which indicates that you’re stressed out is the dark circles around your eyes 

Let’s find out more about what causes dark circles to appear and what are some of the most effective home remedies for dark circles 

Causes of Dark Circles under Eyes 

Dark circles are most common among elderly people. Several factors can contribute to eye bags and dark circles, one of the most logical and obvious ones is fatigue which is caused by sleep deprivation. Fatigue causes your skin to become dull and pale allowing dark tissues that are beneath your skin to show up. Some other causes include allergies, irregularities in pigmentation, excess exposure to the sun as well as rubbing and scratching eyes. Many people don’t know this but over sleeping can also be the reason for dark circles to appear. 

Home Remedies for Dark Circles 

Listed below are some of the most effective, less time consuming, and very easy-to-do seven home remedies that you can use to treat dark circles. These techniques can effectively confront the problem of dark spots, dark circles, and bags under eyes.  

  • Use Cucumber Slices 

This is the most effective home remedy to remove dark circles and to enlighten your skin. Cucumbers have astringent and skin lightening properties; therefore, it naturally heals your eyes. 

The procedure is very simple. Just chop a fresh cucumber into thick slices and refrigerate it for about 20-25 minutes. After that place, those thick cucumber slices on your eyes and leave them for about 10 minutes. Gently rinse your eyes after 10 minutes and repeat this process twice a day. 

  • Use Cold Compress 

A cold compress can effectively shrink the swollen and dilated blood vessels around your eyes which reduces puffiness and helps you get rid of bags under eyes. You can also use ice or a cloth damped in chilled water. 

  • Have Enough Sleep 

Sleep deprivation and fatigue are the major causes of dark circles. A good night’s sleep or a good power nap can help you get a collective 8-hour sleep which will surely make your eyes and skin look very fresh. 

  • Apply Cold Milk 

Milk is easily available to everyone and it can be used as an effective home remedy for dark circles. Milk contains Alpha-hydroxy acids and when cold milk is directly applied to the skin under the eyes, it cleans out pores and restores the skin hence eliminating dark circles.  

  • Under Eye Cream  

Dark Circles and puffy skin are very common skin conditions. Several over the counter products that are made for general as well as sensitive skin types can be used to treat this condition. You can easily buy the best under eye cream for dark circles and apply it on your dark and puffy skin while sitting at your home. These creams will surely help you enlighten the dark spots and shrink the puffy skin around your eyes. 

  • Rose Water for Dark Circle Removal 

Rose water for eyes is easily available in the market and is known to soothe and rejuvenate the tired skin. It is an anti-oxidant as well as a mild astringent which is why it is also used as a skin toner. You just need to soak up two cotton balls in chilled rose water and gently dab them on the skin under your eyes. Places the rose water-soaked cotton balls on your closed lids for 10-15 minutes twice a day and get long-lasting results. 

  • Use Different Oils 

There is a general misconception that all kinds of oils can block pores. This is the reason that many people are reluctant to use them on their facial skin. But surprisingly coconut oil, as well as almond oil, are known for their anti-inflammatory and skin lightening properties. Both these oils naturally moisturize the skin and are a perfect home remedy for dark circles removal. 

The Takeaway 

If you continue practicing any two of the above-mentioned home remedies for some days, your dark circles and puffy skin will slowly but surely disappear. However, if you are still unsure about the method that best suits your skin type, you can easily book a free appointment with our dermatologists at Laser Skincare Clinic.