neck wrinkle removal dubai

Fractional Co2 for neck wrinkles is considered as one of the most successful treatment procedure that gives long term results and returns the neck to its original shape for long period of time. The treatment is time taking but it heals the body naturally but with boosted speed. The Fractional Co2 for neck wrinkles treatment is described in detail below.

Neck wrinkles are common phenomena and they are caused mostly by old age people but nowadays due to several factors, they can be easily seen on different skin types and are common amongst the teenagers as well. The neck wrinkles have a bad appearance and cause personality related issues. It is often reported that neck wrinkles make the patients unable to wear a certain type of clothes. The neck wrinkles are caused by several factors and they are discussed below:


Causes of neck wrinkles

After face, the neck is the most prominent part of the body and it is also one of the most exposed areas of the body. Neck wrinkles make the skin appear deformed and it can be caused by several factors. Some of the major factors are as under:

  • Age

One of the most common factors for the formation of wrinkles in any part of the body is said to be ageing process and it is because, with age, the body starts loosening its tightness and the skin gets weakened these factors leads to loss of elasticity and slow collagen production that eventually causes wrinkle formation and sagging skin.

  • Improper diet

Diet plan plays a vital role in the health of the skin and it is one of the major contributors to the collagen production. Due to improper diet, you are likely to counter the sagging skin relatively quicker than the usual age of wrinkle formation.

  • Disturbed sleeping plan

If you are suffering from loss of sleep and bad sleeping plan then your skin won’t be able to heal it and maintain its real position and it will eventually lead to neck wrinkles.

  • Drinking/smoking and drugs

Drugs play a vital role in the formation of neck wrinkles and it is said that drinkers and smokers are likely to get ageing signs ten to twenty years quicker than the non-drinkers/smokers. It is always advised by dermatologists/cosmetologist to leave smoking/drinking/drugs one month before undergoing any kind of cosmetic treatment and it is also vital not to undergo any drug activity after the treatment for the successful outcome of the neck wrinkle treatment.


Neck wrinkles treatment

There are several treatment procedures available in Laser Skin Care Clinic Dubai that prevent the neck wrinkles and help in eliminating them but Fractional Co2 for neck wrinkles is the most qualified and successful treatment that returns the whole neck in its contoured shape without causing any side effects. The fractional Co2 laser in Dubai provides better cure by controlled penetration of the skin that allows the patient to get maximum results from one treatment. The downtime of the treatment is almost zero and it allows the patient to go home right after the treatment procedure. Not only Fractional Co2 is good for neck wrinkles but it also eliminates other problems such as sagging skin, age spots, scars and etc.



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