If you have an excess amount of fat in your body, you are definitely not in a good shape. It is now possible to be in a good shape. Reducing unwanted fat in the body and cellulite is generally the choice of the patient. In some cases, it becomes necessary to take a fat reduction treatment to cure cellulite and unwanted fat problem.

Who Can Have a Cellulite and Fat Reduction Treatment?

In order to take a fat reduction treatment in Dubai, you should be more than 18 years of age. Moreover, you should have unwanted fat in localized areas in the body that do not respond to exercises and diet. A perfect candidate should not be a smoker and a drinker. The person should be in a good mental and physical health. The fat reduction aspirant should have realistic expectations with the treatment and should not be pregnant or lactating.

Treatment Options for Cellulite and Fat Reduction

Although cellulite is not a skin condition; it is just a name to describe fat deposits under the skin. If you are ready to say goodbye to unwanted fat in the body to get in the right shape, we have some treatment options for you. Please see the list below for the treatment option for cellulite and fat reduction;

Treatment Options for Cellulite

  • Dry Brushing
  • Mesotherapy
  • Coffee Scrubs
  • Cellulite Creams
  • Laser Treatment

Treatment Options for Fat Reduction

  • Laser Fat Removal
  • Fat reduction with injections
  • Fat Removal without Liposuction
  • Fat reduction with Radio Frequency


How Much does it Cost?

Want to know the cost of non-surgical treatments to reduce fat and cellulite? Do not worry these treatments are not expensive. It is not possible to write down the cost of non-surgical fat and cellulite reduction treatments because the cost depends on the nature of the problem and the fee of the clinic. If you want to know the exact cost of these treatments, please call us or visit Laser Skin Care Clinic in Dubai. We offer the best surgical and non-surgical fat reduction procedures at a reasonable cost.


Free Consultation

One of the promising features of Laser Skin Care Clinic is to offer a free online consultation to all clients. If you have any questions regarding fat and cellulite reduction treatment in Dubai, please feel free to contact us. So do not forget to call us or filling the signup form below to directly speak to one of the best skin care specialists in Dubai.