Mesotherapy for Face Pigmentation in Dubai

Have you got facial pigmentation? The Mesotherapy Treatment is a good option if you have facial pigmentation. Although this problem can appear on any part of the skin, it is more prominent in the facial area. From causes to cover-ups and cures, here is what you need to know about tackling pigmentation, sun spots, and melasma.

Facial Pigmentation Issue

If you regularly go out in the sun, you might face issues such as sunspots and pigmentation. Skin discoloration is also known as skin pigmentation. This problem is characterized by the color change in some particular skin areas. The most common areas developing this problem are hands, feet, and the face. When it appears on the face, it becomes impossible to hide. Therefore, it is good to consider a pigmentation removal treatment, such as mesotherapy, to get flawless skin.

About Mesotherapy Treatment

It is a non-surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic treatment to solve a variety of skin issues. The mesotherapy for pigmentation has become quite popular among people who spend much time in the sun.

The dermatologists also suggest this procedure to get rid of cellulite, excess weight, and other issues to improve body contouring and promote face/neck rejuvenation. It is administered via many skin injections containing different types of FDA-approved medicines, vitamins, and minerals.

Procedure Involved

The procedure usually starts with the application of a topical anesthetic solution. You won’t feel much pain during treatment even without anesthesia. The dermatologist will use a small needle to inject the medication into the middle layer of the skin. The treatment usually consists of a series of injections.

You may need to undergo several mesotherapy sessions to achieve the desired results. You can discuss the number of sessions per week or month with your dermatologist.

Mesotherapy for Face Pigmentation

The dermatologists recommend this procedure to remove facial pigmentation. During the procedure, micro or tiny injections are administered to the affected skin area. The medication delivered to the treatment site helps the skin maintain the actual skin tone. The treatment is not expensive, and you can take it any time.

What are the Benefits?

Here are some benefits of mesotherapy to treat facial pigmentation and other issues.

  • The treatment involves injecting high concentrations of highly potent ingredients, including vitamins and enzymes. These ingredients help accelerate skin rejuvenation.
  • Mesotherapy removes fats beneath the epidermis. Therefore, this treatment is a better alternative to liposuction for individuals with a mild amount of fat under the skin.
  • The ability of this treatment to utilize customized ingredients allows patients and dermatologists to achieve different goals. These goals range from anti-aging to improving the overall radiance of the skin.

Final Words

Mesotherapy is a viable treatment option for facial pigmentation due to its tendency to fix dark spots and other facial skin problems. This procedure removes subcutaneous fat and rejuvenates the skin in general by improving blood flow with the help of vitamins, minerals, and medications. Nonetheless, you have to ensure procedural accuracy. For this purpose, you can refer to Laser Skin Care Clinic and ask for a consultation.