Oxygen facial

It is a universally known fact that oxygen is essential for the human, animals and plants survival. Without oxygen, there would be no life no planet earth. Now with time, it is being used for the purpose of improving the health of the skin. For this purpose, oxygen facials are used. This kind of facial can correct a large number of skin problems including fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture and also helps in tightening of enlarged pores. It is also quite effective for treating acne and hyperpigmentation issues on the face which are quite common.

In recent times, the treatment has been quite well received globally and its demand has been gaining from strength to strength. The situation is quite similar here in the United Arab Emirates as well as more and more people want to take advantage of this highly effective treatment option. We shall take a closer look into how this treatment options works briefly in the following lines.


The procedure has nothing complicated about it. To start off, the skin is exfoliated and then steamed to prepare it for the oxygen. Afterwards, in a combination with some serums that are excellent for the health of the skin, vitamins and minerals as well as collagen, oxygen is introduced to the face.

With continuous exposure to the sun and pollution in the environment, these minerals, vitamins and collagen levels in the skin have been depleted. Once the skin receives them as a result of the facial, its condition naturally improves. The flow of blood to the face also experiences a boost.

Is it painful?

The treatment does not have any pain associated with it which makes it highly desirable. A person can feel normal during and after the treatment.


Oxygen facials in dubai have been found to be extremely effective in getting rid of aging signs on the face as well as tackling with the damaged caused by the sun over the years. Marked improvement can be seen soon after the facial has been done. However, several sessions are needed to achieve the final results and it is important to get all of them so that the best results can be had. The exact number needed can be determined by a skincare professional keeping your requirements in mind.


One of the best parts of the oxygen facial is that it requires no downtime whatsoever. A person can continue his or her daily routine without any real issue after the treatment. Some restriction on the movement is to be expected due to the fact that a person does develop photosensitivity after the treatment. Sun must be avoided during the peak hours and if you must go out during the day time, wear a large hat and apply a broad spectrum sunscreen to protect the skin against harmful UV rays.

 Side effects

The common side effects are redness and swelling on the face once the treatment session has been concluded. They generally last for a short period of time and within a day or two leave on their own. It is important to have a proper break between two facials to get the best results and to avoid unexpected and severe side effects. People with a sensitive skin are not recommended to have this facial and if you feel that you have sensitive skin, consult with your dermatologist before getting this facial.

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