White Patches On Face

Skin discolorations are very common, and they can appear anywhere on your body. These discolorations can occur in the form of a small white spot or a patch that starts getting more prominent as time passes. When these white spots appear on your facial skin, they can be very irritating as you cannot hide your face like other body parts.

However, the good news is that these patches can be effectively dealt with. We are here with some remedies to help you fight these pesky white patches on the face and other body parts. 

Let’s get started and have an in-depth analysis of the most common causes of these patches and how to deal with these patches. 


It is an uncommon skin disorder caused by the absence of skin coloring pigments. People suffering from this skin condition can develop white discolored skin patches anywhere on their bodies, including their faces. 

The bad thing about these stubborn patches is that they tend to become larger with time until they cover large portions of the body. However, this widening of patches may not occur in everyone. 

  • Causes

The risk of this medical condition increases with family history(heredity) but stress, severe sunburn, or skin trauma, such as contact with a chemical can also trigger it.

  • Treatment 

Your doctor may recommend any of the following:

  • Any topical cream to be applied to the discolored area
  • UV light therapy to make the appearance of discolored skin better by stimulating melanocyte function and repigmentation
  • Some oral medications like corticosteroids or other immunosuppressive drugs to stop the spread of these white patches
  • Skin grafting is also considered a possible solution to this problem 


You must’ve heard about a protein named Keratin that forms the outer layer of your skin. When this essential skin protein gets trapped under your skin, it starts creating small white spots on the face. These small white-colored cysts appear as tiny spots on the face and can be very annoying to deal with. 

  • Causes 

Other than keratin being trapped inside your skin, these small white spots on the face can be caused by burns from certain medications, steroid creams, sun damage, or after undergoing a skin resurfacing procedure.

  • Treatment 

This condition usually gets resolved by itself without any treatment after it has run its course. However, if your condition doesn’t improve after a few months, contact your dermatologist. He/she may recommend:

The doctor may also use a needle to extract the trapped keratin.

Pityriasis Alba 

This condition causes oval, discolored, and dry white patches on the face and skin to appear. This medical condition usually affects children who are between the ages of 3 to 16 years.  

  • Causes 

Doctors are still unsure about what exactly causes this skin condition. Some research suggests it may be related to atopic dermatitis or eczema.

  • Treatment 

This one also clears away on its own and usually does not need any specific medication. The bad thing about this skin condition is that even after recovering from this medical condition, the discoloration it has caused may remain for up to 12-24 months.

If it does not go on its own after a few months, you should consult your doctor. Your doctor may recommend:

  • over-the-counter topical steroid, namely hydrocortisone
  • moisturizing cream to deal with dry white patches on the face
  • vitamin supplements to heal your skin


While many discolorations are benign, not all are harmless. Some skin discolorations can indicate skin cancers or other medical conditions. It’s essential to consult with your dermatologist or doctor. If you are concerned about your skin’s appearance for cosmetic reasons, you should speak to a healthcare professional right away. 

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