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Nicole Zysk works as a leading Micro Pigmentation specialist in UK and Dubai. During her 10 years of experience as an aesthetician, she completed more than 30 diplomas and treated hundreds of patients, which speaks volumes of her professional excellence. 

Nicole has been treating various famous personalities across the globe, her clientage includes celebrities, models, and renowned personalities. Nicole’s achievements have attracted the press, and she was also featured in vogue, an American fashion and lifestyle blog.

We are delighted to announce that this talented Micro Pigmentation specialist and aesthetician is a part of our team at Laser Skin Care Clinic in Dubai. Continue reading to know about her experience, training, specialties, and professional qualifications.

Professional experience

  • She has diverse professional experience in aesthetics and Micro pigmentation.
  • She worked with NHS hospitals as an aesthetician and General Practitioner.
  • Her mission has been to serve the people with the best services.

Area of specialties

Apart from micropigmentation, Nicole has specialties in the following areas.

  • Dermal fillers
  • Wrinkles relaxation
  • Body shaping
  • Fat loss treatments
  • Cosmetic and Medical Tattoos
  • Helps people overcome the effects of Chemotherapy.

Services of Nichole at Laser Skin Care Clinic Dubai

  • Consultation
  • Scars camouflage
  • Stretch marks camouflage
  • Laser patch test
  • Laser Pico Genesis
  • Laser Pigmentation Removal
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