There are many issues that a person may face that affect the overall health. While some of them may affect in the shorter term, others may have a long lasting effect. Having hair loss, cellulite and excessive fat are issues that make the appearance of a person look bad. Excessive fat can have serious ill effects in the longer run.

Mesotherapy is a treatment that is used to treat a number of issues including hair loss, excessive fat and cellulite. It is highly effective and used all across the world. Let’s have a closer look at how it works and what are the advantages that it offers.

Mechanism of Mesotherapy treatment

Mesotherapy works by injecting a concussion of minerals, medications, vitamins and homeopathic medications in order to achieve the desired results. A meso gun is used for injecting the medication in specific quantity in the mesoderm, the middle layer of the skin. It increases the flow of blood in that particular area. As the medication gets to work, results can be seen in a short while.

The medications for different conditions vary. Usually more than one treatment is needed to achieve the desired results. The exact number can be determined by the service provider depending on the extent of your condition.

Advantages of Mesotherapy treatment

There are a number of Mesotherapy treatment some of which are listed below.


It is a noninvasive procedure. A person needs to get the medication injected with a specialized meso gun. There are no cuts and sutures like many other procedures of similar kind.

No anesthesia needed

There is no need for anesthesia to be administered for the Mesotherapy. This is what makes it so special since many other similar procedures require a person to have local anesthesia administered.

Long term effects

Mesotherapy treatment offers long term results which is one of its greatest advantages. As long as a healthy lifestyle is maintained and a good balanced diet is consumed, Mesotherapy treatment effects stay in place.

No downtime

There is no downtime associated with Mesotherapy treatment in dubai and one can get it done and go home the same day. You can carry on your daily routines without any disruption.



No side effects

There are no side effects of Mesotherapy treatment. The most issue a person may experience is slight swelling or bruising in the injection sites and some itching which generally subsides on its own within a few hours. For any discomfort, ice bags can be used.

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