A smooth, clear and wrinkle-free skin is all the rage. We all yearn to have youthful skin for as long as we can keep it that way, and are willing to spend whatever we can afford to achieve an anti-aged look.

Did you know the beauty industry in the UAE is considered to be worth billions? People, mostly women, spend time and money on creams, home remedies, and clinical procedures on their search for the perfect skin.

What most of us do not know is that you can achieve this anti-aging perfection without having to spend much. For this, we have listed a number of anti-aging tips to help you along your never-ending search for beauty.

Anti-Aging Tips

The sooner the better: Sufficient research has shown that our skins start to age in our mid-20s. This is a good time to start taking great care of your skin by coming up with a skincare regimen that is bound to make your skin soft and smooth through exfoliation and moisturizing.

Use broad-spectrum sunscreen: Never assume that your skin is beyond sun-damage because you are always in the shade or using an umbrella when the sun is out. UV rays penetrate through the clouds, your car, windows and the shade where you are and can cause sun-damage, which in return leads to premature aging, skin pigmentation and in the long run can lead to skin cancer.

Make H2o your best friend: As the saying goes, drink more water and your skin will thank you for it. This is all true because by keeping your body hydrated, your skin becomes hydrated as well, leaving it looking youthful and more healthy.

Get fishy: By this, we mean increasing your fish oil intake. By consuming more oily fish or switching to omega-3 fatty acids, your skin will thank you for this step because fish oil contains anti-inflammatory agents, which are considered as some of the leading anti-aging properties out there.

Exercise exercise exercise: Most of us think that when we exercise, it is only for our bodies, and sometimes our minds. What you don’t know is that the boost in blood flow and sweating helps in flushing out toxins from your skin leaving it youthful and healthy.

Don’t stress: Have you ever heard of the saying that stress can add years to your face? Well, it’s true. In addition, when you are stressed, due to the change in hormones, you can break out in acne, which we all know can easily lead to acne scars and skin sensitivity.

Get rid of those dark circles: It is true that dark circles under your eyes make you look older than those fine lines and crow’s feet. Go see a dermatologist or a skin treatment specialist like we have at Laser Skin Care clinic to get rid of the dark circles.

Get enough sleep: Not only can not getting enough sleep lead to weight gain; it can also make you look older than you already are. This is because skipping on your sleeping hour will leave you stressed and your skin looking dull, in addition to acne breakouts.

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