Do you find temporary hair removing methods difficult and uneasy? The troublesome days are over because now you can get rid of them permanently through permanent laser hair removal.

Hair Removal Methods

There are various hair removal methods as listed below

Temporary hair removal methods

  • Razor
  • Waxing
  • Depilation creams
  • Threading
  • Plucking

Permanent hair removal methods

  • Laser
  • Cryotherapy
  • Electrolysis

Drawbacks of temporary hair removal methods

Temporary methods have many drawbacks as listed below:

  • troublesome and costly
  • short-lived
  • time-consuming methods
  • damaging to the skin
  • cause dry and bumpy skin
  • make the hair regrow faster
  • increase the thickness of the hair
  • contain harmful chemicals
  • can’t be used in emergency conditions

Why permanent hair removal is preferred especially for women?

Being a woman it is our biggest demand to look beautiful and gorgeous all the time. We all demand silky smooth and hair-free skin that can give us more confidence and make us feel beautiful all the time. The temporary hair removal methods can be very troublesome for women especially in conditions when they have to go somewhere urgently and their skin is not prepared for it.

Also, temporary hair removal methods damage the skin that no woman wants. It leaves the skin dry and bumpy that makes us feel ugly and uncomfortable.

The permanent laser hair removal method on the other hand helps women have silky smooth skin and keep them ready for all the occasions all the time. They don’t need to sit down and wax their hair each time they have to go out. They can simply get their hair removed permanently and feel free for the rest of their lives. So it is a very beneficial procedure for women as provided by permanent laser hair removal.

Which permanent method is preferred?

Laser is the most preferred permanent hair removal method because of its high success rate and reliability with minimum to no side effects. Laser is preferred among ladies as it takes very little time for the treatment and it is a painless process that gives a lifetime guarantee of hair removal.

What is a laser?

Laser is a surgical technique performed by a specialized machine under the supervision of a specialist who removes the hair from the roots using a strong laser beam directed towards the hair follicles.

How does laser treatment work?

The laser beam targets the most pigmented areas of the skin so it is better done on pale skin. On pale skin, the most pigmented area is the hair follicle. So, laser beam targets the hair follicles, and these follicles absorb it. As a result, the laser destroys them. When the hair follicles are destroyed, the hair slows down regrowing and gradually stops re-growing at all.

Is it painful?

The laser treatment is not painful. Our cosmetic surgeons at Laser permanent hair removal use a special numbing gel to numb the target area of the skin to avoid pain during the procedure. It might give a sensation of a rubber band hitting the skin but that doesn’t cause any significant pain.

How long does a laser treatment take?

It depends upon the area you wish to treat. For upper lips and forehead, it might take only a few minutes while for arms and legs it can take an hour. Doctors usually complete the procedure in 3 to 5 sessions and the hair starts reducing from the very first session and you get off all the hair by the last session.

Is it costly?

Laser treatment might seem a bit costly but consider summing up all the money you spend on temporary hair removal methods throughout your life. Permanent hair removal is more cost-effective. Laser permanent hair removal Dubai offers professional and consultation services to clients who wish to make a smart choice by investing their money in permanent hair removal techniques like a laser.

Are there any side effects of laser?

There are no significant side effects. There may be redness or swelling but that goes away in a day so you don’t need to worry about it.

What are the precautions for laser treatment?

  • There should be no skin allergy
  • No cuts or incisions on target skin
  • No signs of any trauma
  • Don’t use wax or depilation cream 3 weeks before the laser treatment
  • There should be no benign or malignant disease of the skin
  • Protect skin from direct sunlight

What measures should be followed after the treatment?

  • Protect skin from direct sunlight as sunlight can interfere with the laser effects
  • Don’t use any ointment or soap over the target skin unless recommended by the doctor.
  • Follow the prescription of the doctor.
  • Get a regular follow up examination for a few months
  • Use soothing lotion on the skin
  • Contact a doctor immediately if you notice abnormal rashes.

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Laser is a highly reliable method to permanently remove unwanted hair, especially for women who want to look beautiful and confident all the time. Women should no longer worry about flawless and smooth skin as Laser permanent hair removal is offering a wide range of laser treatments for all of their skin care problems. So why trouble yourself every month when you can have the perfect skin for the rest of your life? Make a decision. Choose laser permanent hair removal.