Underarm Whitening Dubai

To appear perfect, every fine detail of the personality needs to take care of. While people mostly are very careful in their dressing, the appearance of their hair and face. And how all of it goes together, some areas like the underarms often neglected. Read on to know about dark underarm whitening treatment and its causes.

Especially in summers when both men and women wear such clothing that makes them quite obvious.

Most people complain about a darker complexion of the underarms when compared with the rest of the body. These issues can be tackled and the tone of the skin in the underarms can be improved significantly.

Causes of Dark Underarms

You should know the exact cause to find the best underarm whitening treatment in Dubai. Like any other issue, this skin problem also comes with some causes. Obviously, there should be something that plays a role in causing discoloration of the underarms. The following can be its reasons. Have a look!

  • Heredity – Genes can play a significant role in causing the discoloration of skin tone.
  • Skin irritation – The skin of your armpits is sensitive. It may get irritated with some specific products. In such a condition, irritation causes darkness.
  • The wrong choice of beauty products – This can be one important cause and you should look into it. Always use any skin product on the recommendation of your skin expert. Also, check the ingredients when you are going to buy a product.
  • Excessive sun exposure – If you have to remain in the direct sunlight for more time, then it may cause the tan to your skin.

Fortunately, various treatment options are available that can solve your problem. We shall take a brief look at these treatment options to learn more about underarms skin whitening in the following lines.

Topical Underarm Whitening Treatment

To whiten your underarms, topical treatments are the first option. They can be applied to the underarms as per the instructions are given on the label. Most of these creams have Kojic acid, Azelaic acid, and hydroquinone as their active ingredients.

These creams generally work on inhibiting the production of melanin in the area and even out the tone. A combination of creams may be used in order to achieve the desired results.

Consult a doctor to see which cream works the best for you. Generally, these creams need to be applied for a fair length of time to achieve the desired results.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peel is also an excellent option for the purpose of whitening the Underarm Skin Whitening Dubai. These are available in different strengths and a professional can determine which kind of peels are needed to achieve the desired results.

These peels resurface the top layer of the skin and replace it with healthier skin. Collagen levels are also boosted as a result of the treatment.

General several applications of chemical peels are needed for the purpose of skin whitening.

For the most part, side effects are minimal and there is generally no downtime. Be sure to get the peels applied by a professional so that the risk of skin burning is minimized.


The treatment is highly effective in improving the tone of the skin. The treatment works by using a specialized wire brush that exfoliates the top layer of the skin.

This jumpstarts the healing process and healthier skin replaces the removed layer. The collagen level in the skin is also improved and the skin gets firmer as a result.

The treatment is highly invasive and there are some side effects and downtime associated with it.

Like most similar procedures, more than a single session is needed to achieve the desired results. Topical anesthetics are applied to the underarms before the start of the procedure to ensure that no feeling of pain is experienced during the treatment.

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The treatment works on the same principle of exfoliation of the top layer of the skin but uses a gentler mechanism for that.

A handheld device sprays tiny crystals onto the skin. A suction pump later collects the dead skin and used crystals in a chamber.

As the healing process starts, the tone of the skin improves. Collagen production also improves as a result of the treatment.

The procedure is minimally invasive and there is no downtime afterward. The side effects are also mild and temporary in nature.

Topical anesthetics are applied before the treatment to ensure that no pain is felt. Multiple sessions are needed in order to achieve the desired laser underarms whitening Treatment in UAE. Your doctor can best tell the exact number needed for you.


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