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  • Does laser hair removal Dubai work on gray hair?
  • Does laser hair removal Dubai work on blonde hair?

These are the most famous questions people ask about light colored hair removal with laser. Yes, it is possible to remove blonde or gray colored body hair. In this article, we are going to see the historical background of lasers hair removal, lasers hair removal for dark skin, and the laser hair removal for light colored body hair.


Historical Background of Laser Hair Removal Dubai

The history of laser hair removal Dubai treatment is very interesting. It all started with a successful experiment in which dermatologists and researchers successfully attained hair removal on different parts of the body. These early lasers were able to remove dark colored hair on the white skin. After that, the quest for permanent hair removal.

Although the dermatologists and researchers had been able to achieve permanent hair removal but they faced some issues in the beginning. These issues include the compatibility with dark skin tone and light colored. Mean to say, early lasers were harmful to the dark skin and were not helpful on removing blonde, gray, or other light colored hair. So much has changed.


Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin

As we have mentioned above that laser hair removal for dark skin was harmful back in the days when the laser technology for hair removal was in its initial phases. Through research, it became possible to perform laser hair removal Dubai therapy on dark skin without delivering any damage.


Laser Hair Removal for Blonde Hair

Yes, it is possible! Through the tireless efforts of researchers and dermatologists, it is now possible to remove unwanted blonde or gray body hair permanently. Although, one cannot expect to be 100 percent hair free when he/she has blond hair because there are still certain limitations to the technique.

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