Laser hair removal Dubai

Hair in the right place can really boost the personality of a person. Anyone with severe hair loss will tell you that. However, when the same hair is present in undesired areas of the body, they can have serious ill effects on the overall persona.

To get rid of them, there are many options that can be used. However, apart from Laser hair removal in Dubai, the results offered by all are temporary and carry certain risks like infections and ingrown hair as well. Women generally tend to opt for hair removal more than men. However, it is a common question amongst them that whether or not pregnant women can get laser hair removal in Dubai. In the following lines, we shall learn about laser hair removal and this very genuine question.

How Does Laser Work?

Laser Hair removal in Dubai is a quite simple procedure. It works to directly target the follicle in order to inhibit its ability to reproduce hair. For this purpose, the laser is set at specific frequencies. It targets the dark matter which is the melanin in the follicle. As the melanin is heated, it damages the ability of the hair to grow in future. Since the laser is set to target the darker matter, the skin nearby largely remains unaffected.

To counter sensations of pain, a cooling gel is often applied to the skin in the treated area. Some practitioners also blow cool air during the laser hair removal Dubai procedure with the help of a handheld device to make it further comfortable.

The treatment needs to be repeated in order to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved. Generally, six to seven sessions are enough for the purpose. Once the treatment has been completed, once a year touch up may be needed to ensure that any hair that was in dormant phase during the treatment are taken care of.

Is Laser Hair Removal in Dubai Safe for Pregnant Women?

It is recommended that women that are pregnant or nursing a baby should not get laser hair removal in Dubai. Although there is no precise evidence that the treatment has any ill effects on the mother or the child, there is not enough data to rule out that there will be no harmful effects on either of the two in the longer run. Therefore, expectant women should not get the treatment to be on the safe side. Do not worry as you can always undergo the treatment after you have delivered a child.

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