Acne Scar Treatment

Celebrities are just like us! Yes they eat the same food, they wear the same clothes and they suffer from the same ailments and conditions that bother us. One of the common skin conditions that equally affect celebrities and normal people is acne. This skin condition, characterized by unsightly, painful red pimples, affects millions of people across the world. According to a latest survey, over 85% of the people (both men and women) all over the world face the menace of acne at some stage in their lives.

And as I said earlier, celebrities are no different! It is often believed that since the celebrities and iconic personalities use cosmetics of the best selling brands, therefore they either don’t get pimples, or even if some pimple pops up somewhere on their face, they have best makeup artists to help them hide the zit with expensive concealers.

But sometimes, even the most expensive cosmetic products and the most professional hands fail to hide the embarrassment of acne, especially when a celebrity is clicked very closely. And this is exactly what happened to Katie Price, a seasoned Hollywood actress. Price, 36, is not only a successful Hollywood actress but also a well known writer, glamorous model, an English media personality and above all, a mother of four children. Despite following a very good skincare regimen and using the best brand cosmetics, Price could not escape the menace of acne.

Katie_PriceShe used a combination of professional acne treatments to effectively get rid of breakouts. However, she could not help herself prevent the unsightly acne scars. If you look at the 36-year-old’s face closely, you will find some acne scars around her mouth which she aptly conceals with makeup.

If you are also struggling with acne scars, worry not. There are numerous professional treatments to help you get rid of nightmarish reminders of acne. Laser Skin Care also offers acne scars treatment with Fractional CO2 lasers. If you are interested, contact us now by filling our free online consultation form.