Are you tired of maintaining unwanted body hair on a regular basis? There are various solutions to eliminate unwanted body hair apart from shaving and other traditional methods which provide more permanent results. The ideal solution is Laser Hair Removal in Dubai. With the hot, scorching summer approaching, Laser Hair Removal in Dubai has become the first choice of many individuals. If you are struggling top eliminate unwanted hair for life, laser hair removal in Dubai is the answer to your worries.

Before you get super stoked about the idea of permanent hair removal, Here are 6 facts about laser hair removal in Dubai:

  1. Results Produced are Permanent

The best part about laser hair removal in Dubai is that it provides long lasting results. With every progressive session, your hair density will significantly reduce. With every treatment, your hair will become less and less obvious. Having absolutely no unwanted hair is the ideal approach for women but it not might be one for men. If you are a man and planning to undergo laser hair removal in Dubai, ensure that you really want it.

  1. Results of Laser Hair Removal can Vary Significantly

While laser hair removal in Dubai is a highly effective solution for hair loss, it is important to realize that different types of hair react differently to different lasers. Thick, coarse and dark colored hair respond well to lasers as compared to thin hair. An ideal candidate for laser hair removal in Dubai is the one who has dark hair and lighter skin. Although with the advancement in technology, lasers can also work exceptionally well on people with dark skin tones.

  1. Preparation is the Key

The results of laser hair removal in Dubai depend on how well you follow the pre and post-procedural care instructions:

  • Avoid tanning –It includes both sun tanning and artificial tanning.
  • Wear a broad spectrum sunscreen, preferably SPF 50 or above.
  • Avoid waxing, plucking or threading, prior to hair removal session.
  • Shave treatment site, a day before your laser hair removal in Dubai session.
  • Avoid applying any lotion, cream or makeup before coming for laser session.
  • Avoid applying deodorants.
  1. What to expect during procedure:

There should be no element of surprise as you get ready for laser hair removal. Educate yourself about the procedure. Discuss with your doctor, do internet research, ask friends and family if anybody has gone through the procedure recently. Most people find it a nearly painless procedure. Mild stinging sensations are inevitable, but they are bearable. If you are overly sensitive to pain and discomfort, discuss with your clinician and he may prefer to perform it with a topical anesthetic.

  1. Cost of Laser Hair Removal:

There is one simple rule for Laser Hair Removal Cost in Sharjah and other cities of UAE as well: the smaller the area treated, the lower the cost. Getting upper lips done or just the chin area will obviously cost you way much less than the cost of laser session for back or chest hair. Besides that, the cost of procedure also varies from one provider to another depending upon his/her experience and reputation in the market.

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  1. Results and maintenance:

Another very important thing about laser hair reduction is being determined and consistence. It needs multiple sessions (normally 6-8) of laser hair removal before you will get desired results. Make sure you are consistent and follow your doctor’s instructions.


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