Laser hair removal

One of the issues people complain about their appearance is the presence of unwanted hair on the different parts of the body. While women generally wish to remove all of them, men prefer a thinner hair covering their body. The hair on the body is a sign of masculinity and men do not want that to go away entirely.

It has been tough to get laser hair removal Dubai traditionally as the methods are painful in general and the hair are bound to grow back within a few days’ time. Men too cannot benefit from these options since waxing or shaving removes hair entirely and cannot give a thinner appearance.

Let’s learn how laser hair removal in Dubai works and makes people’s lives easier.

How is Laser Hair Removal Dubai Better?

There are a number of reasons why laser hair removal Dubai is a better option than the traditional shaving or waxing. Firstly, it offers results that are permanent in nature. Once a follicle stops producing hair, the hair will not grow out of it again. There is no need to repeat the treatment every few days like the traditional options.

Body Laser hair removal in Dubai also does not have the risks such as ingrown hair and infections associated with it. Injuries that are common with waxing that can even lead to bleeding are also absent. With permanent results and no serious issues like the traditional methods, this treatment is hard to beat.

How Does It Work?

Laser hair removal Dubai works with the help of the laser that targets dark matter in the follicles in order to inhibit their ability to produce hair in the future. The laser is set to target melanin which gets heated up. The follicle first shrinks and then eventually loses its ability of hair production.

Since the laser hair removal in Dubai is set to target dark pigmentation, the skin tissue nearby remains mostly unaffected by it. The treatment is generally brief though it can take longer in the case of a larger region being covered. Results take a few days to show up though they are quite obvious and noticeable.

Is the Treatment a Onetime Affair?

The treatment needs to be repeated a few times in order to get the desired outcome.Each time a significant number of follicles stop reproducing hair. For most people, six to seven sessions are enough though this can vary in individuals based on their hair texture and density. Men looking to achieve a thinner appearance of body hair can probably do with half of these sessions.

Pain, Side Effects and Downtime

There is almost no pain associated with the laser hair removal in Dubai treatment. The little discomfort it causes can be removed with the help of a cooling gel which is applied prior to the start of the treatment.

Side effects are pretty mild and mostly limited to some redness and swelling in the treated area. This can be countered with an icepack if you feel uncomfortable. In some rare cases, discoloration of skin or bruising might also take place.

Expect photosensitivity to develop for a few weeks which can be countered by avoiding going out in the sun during peak hours. Also be sure to apply a generous amount of broad spectrum sunscreen and use a large hat and full clothing. This will help in keeping your skin safe from the UV rays after laser hair removal in Dubai.

There is no downtime involved with the laser hair removal Dubai treatment. You can continue most of your routine chores with necessary caution. If you can take a day or two off from the work, it helps as well. Ensure that you follow all the instructions imparted to you by your doctor.

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