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March 5, 2015
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Humans by nature are on a quest of continuous improvement in all aspects of their lives. The same rule applies to the physical appearance of a person. Very few people can say that they are fully happy by how they look and do not want to make any changes.

To keep the body in a good shape, there are many options that are available. In order to maintain a good physical shape, a healthy lifestyle is a must. Certain treatments too can help. In recent times, Mesotherapy treatment has become quite famous around the globe for its various benefits for the overall wellness of the body. To learn more about Mesotherapy, let’s dig a little deeper.

How does Mesotherapy work?(ميزوثيرابي)

Medications are injected into the mesoderm, the central layer of the skin with the help of meso gun in predetermined quantities to get the results. Each condition has variable treatment and the extent of the given condition also plays a part. The medications that are used in Mesotherapy consist of FDA approved drugs, anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins and homeopathic drugs.

Mesotherapy for body contouring

Getting the body in shape can be done with the help of Mesotherapy. Removal of fat through this treatment is known as Mesosculpting and is an ideal replacement for liposuction due to its noninvasive nature.

A few treatments help a person achieve the intended results. There are almost no side effects. Results are permanent in nature as long as the person does not start regaining weight.

Mesotherapy for hair loss

Hair loss is a very common issues around the globe due to poor diet, improper blood circulation and most of all Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Many people do not like to go under the knife and seek nonsurgical options for hair restoration. Mesotherapy offers a solution to this problem with treatment allowing regrowth of hair. There are various medications that are used for this purpose.

Mesotherapy for skin rejuvenation

Mesotherapy is excellent to treat wrinkles and fine lines as well as pigmentation problems caused by exposure to sun. The ingredients in the medication for skin rejuvenation offer all the necessary goodness to the skin for it to improve its health. A few Mesotherapy treatment get the job done after which touch ups may be needed a couple of times a year.



Mesotherapy for cellulite

90% of the women around the globe have cellulite. Since exercise and diet control cannot get rid of it, proper treatment is needed. Mesotherapy is an ideal option since it improves the flow of blood to the area and removes hardened fibrotic tissue.

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