Having a flawless skin is often thought to be beyond the realm of possibility. There are so many small issues like freckles and blemishes, wrinkles, fine lines and scars caused by a number of factors the affect most people. To rejuvenate the skin, there are many invasive and noninvasive procedures that are available. These procedures offer a varying degree of success.

However, none of them has results as good or as long lasting as Fractional CO2 laser skin rejuvenation treatment. It is a relatively new treatment that has been hailed as one of the best skin rejuvenation treatments ever. Let’s take a closer look on how this treatment helps you in achieving flawless skin.

Conditions Fractional CO2 can treat

There is a large number of conditions that can be treated with the fractional CO2. These include freckles and blemished, skin laxity, textural regularities from sun damage, fine lines, deep wrinkles and scars caused by injury or surgery. Most of the common skin problems associated with skin damage and aging can be treated with this skin rejuvenation treatment.

Mechanism of Work

The treatment brings to use tiny beamlets of laser in order to bore small holes in the deeper parts of the skin. This causes tiny injuries which undergo healing. The process accelerates the production of collagen, a structural protein which is essential for keeping skin healthy. It is badly affected by sun exposure and pollution over a period of time. With the increased production, the skin starts improving texture and gets plumper and healthier.

Topical anesthesia is applied to ensure that no pain is felt. In certain cases, local anesthesia or sedation may be given as well. Mostly light pinching sensations may be felt during the procedure which typically lasts for about an hour.

Are you a candidate for Fractional CO2?

People with issues such as wrinkles, sagging skin, freckles, scarring, textural irregularities in their skin and uneven skin coloration are ideal candidates. Gender of the patient does not rule out the performance of this treatment.

Women that are pregnant or may become pregnant should not get fractional CO2. There are certain medical conditions that also bar a person from receiving this skin rejuvenation treatment (علاج البشرة). Prior to undergoing the treatment, discuss your medical history at a length with your doctor.

What are the downsides?

There aren’t many downsides to this treatment. There is some discomfort that starts about a day after the procedure which can lasts for a few days. Redness on the face can persist for a while. In seven to fourteen days, peeling and flaking will be experienced since these are a part of healing of skin.

All in all, the advantages of the Factional CO2 outweigh its downsides by a long way and those who need skin rejuvenation should make use of this excellent procedure.

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