Laser Hair Removal in Dubai

One of the common issues when it comes to the appearance of a person is that of unwanted hair. Women particularly are not happy with any kind of unwanted hair. For this purpose, these usually try all kinds of tips and remedies.

The usual methods of plucking, shaving, and waxing not only cause discomfort but can also have other ill effects such as ingrown hair and infections. Laser hair removal in Dubai is an excellent choice in this matter and can remove the unwanted hair with ease.

There is some very useful information that you can benefit from regarding laser hair removal in Dubai. Let’s take a closer look.

It’s Going to Hurt Just a Little

It may sound bad but it really isn’t. It’s similar to a light rubber band snapping against the skin.Other methods like waxing and plucking hurt a lot more. The little pain caused by the laser hair removal in Dubai can be countered with cooling gels as well. So no real worries there.

It’s Not a Onetime Thing

The treatment will not stop all hair from growing back in just one go. You’ll need to get multiple treatments and each time, a significant number of follicles will stop reproducing hair. Generally, six to seven sessions are enough to achieve the desired results. Each session of laser hair removal in Dubai is to be held after a gap of four to six weeks from the previous one.

Results will Last, Forever

That is indeed the biggest upside of the treatment. Follicles that once stop producing hair will never grow them again. The only exception is if you have any sort of hormonal issues which will cause your hair to grow again. They will need treatment in future which is generally one session a year.

Wax is Not Your Friend, Neither is Tanning

If you are getting laser hair removal in Dubai, stay away from waxing. It removes the entire hair which does not leave the root for the laser to tackle. Stop waxing several weeks before the first laser treatment to get the intended outcome. Tanning is also bad as it darkens the skin which can create certain issues during laser.

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Just About Everyone Gets Treated

People with lighter skin tones and darker hair are the perfect candidates for the laser hair removal in Dubai. Traditionally people with darker skin tones were ruled out to get this treatment. However, with newer technology, less intense lasers are available which can treat people whose skin and hair shades are not too different.

It’s Worth the Price

If you remove unwanted hair from your body, there is nothing that can beat laser hair removal Dubai. This will save you from the agony of shaving or waxing again and again. The cost that you will bear all your life for removing the unwanted hair will certainly be greater than the cost of laser hair removal in Dubai. So make the smart choice and get laser done.

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