Anti aging treatment


There are certain signs of aging that appear on the skin. These include Fine lines and wrinkles that are the first one to appear. Age spots caused by the constant and unprotected exposure to the harmful ultra violet rays. Skin laxity is caused by exposure to the sun and the pollution in the environment which destroy collagen, a structural protein that keeps the skin firm. Scars too become very obvious as a person ages.

How to minimize them naturally?

There are some simple steps that can help in slowing down the aging process of the skin. These include drinking plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated and consuming a diet which is balanced and has all the necessary nutrients in it. Keeping stress away and getting eight hours of sleep every night also are critical. To avoid damage caused by the sun and pollution, use of a broad spectrum sunscreen and cleansing of skin help as well. Minimizing the exposure to the sun also helps.

Anti Aging Treatments

Let’s take a look at the various Anti aging treatments that can be brought to use.

Laser treatments

The laser treatment for aging is of two types. For akin laxity, a laser is used that works at the deeper level of the skin to heat it up.This provides the perfect set of conditions to the skin for the purpose of boosting collagen and elastin levels to firm up the skin.A few sessions are enough to entirely remove the laxity. There is very little discomfort during the treatment which can be removed with the help of a cooling gel. It does take a few weeks for the full results to become apparent.

For fine lines and wrinkles, laser skin resurfacing is used. Fractional CO2 laser is used for the purpose. It makes micro holes in the skin in order to instigate the healing process. As the new skin comes up on top, it has lesser appearance of the skin issues. At the same time, elastin and collagen levels are also boosted, ensuring that the skins firms up further.

A few treatment sessions do the job completely. Topical anesthetics are used to ensure that there is no pain during the procedure. Side effects are minimal and temporary and there is no downtime associated with the treatment.


A handheld device sprays tiny crystals at a controlled rate in order to exfoliate the top layer of the skin. Once the skin has been exfoliated, used crystals and dead skin are collected into a chamber with the help of a suction pump. The skin immediately starts the healing process and healthier skin replaces the removed damaged skin over the next few days.Collagen production is also boosted by this event to allow more suppleness to the skin. It also helps in getting rid of the pigmentation issues of the skin.

The treatment is minimally invasive and has very little side effects and no downtime with it. Topical anesthetics are applied to the skin to numb down any sensation of pain. Generally five to six sessions are enough to derive the intended outcome.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are acidic solutions available in different strengths for the purpose of resurfacing the top layers of the skin. Both fine lines and wrinkles and pigmentation issues can be corrected. As the skin resurfaces, healthier skin replaces it with lesser appearance of the ills. It also boosts the collagen level to make the skin firmer.

Depending upon the strength of the peels, a single or multiple treatment sessions may be needed. Side effects and downtime are generally very little. Topical or local anesthesia is used to numb down pain. While one can apply them to the skin without any help, it is best to make use of professionals for this purpose since applying the incorrect strength can cause burns to the skin.


Botolinum Toxin Type A, or Botox is a lethal neurotoxin that causes a paralyses known as Botulism. Botox used for cosmetic and medicinal uses is fairly safe and only very small quantities are used for the purpose of getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles as well as scarring. It is not a permanent solution and the results are present for a certain time period after which the treatment needs to be provided again.

Dermal fillers

These are injections that are mostly based on natural fat and collagen. These are a temporary fix that is injected into the site of wrinkles or scars in order to lift their appearance. The useful life of a dermal filler can be anywhere from a few months to up to two years. Once the effects wear off, the treatment can be repeated to maintain the good results.

It does take a few days for the fillers to take full effect. There is no serious pain in the treatment apart from the pinpricks caused by the needle of the injection. Topical anesthetics may be used for people that are very sensitive to any kind of pain.

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