laser hair removal in Dubai

Laser hair removal in Dubai is one of the most sought after procedures as more and more people want to get rid of unwanted body hair. The demand for laser hair removal is quite high here in the UAE as well. There are a lot of misconceptions and myths about the laser treatments.

Let’s look at some of the important facts about the laser hair removal in Dubai to better understand it and put to rest the incorrect information that circulates around the internet unchecked.

It’s a Noninvasive Procedure

The treatment is noninvasive which means that laser hair removal in Dubai does not involve any cuts or sutures and therefore no lengthy downtimes. It actually has no downtime whatsoever associated with it. The side effects are very mild in nature.

Hair Removal is Permanent

Once a hair follicle is killed by laser hair removal in Dubai, it will never grow again. This fact alone gives it an edge over all other hair removal methods which are required to be repeated every few days.

Laser can Work on Dark Skin 

Previously it was hard for people with darker skin tones to get laser hair removal Dubai treatment. However, with the arrival of newer and better laser technology, people with darker skin tones too can benefit from these procedures without the fear of any extreme side effects.

It’s Not a One-Time Treatment

To get the desired outcome and remove all the hair intended, the laser hair removal Dubai treatment needs to be repeated multiple times. In most cases, it has to be repeated six to seven times though this number can vary in individual cases based on the type of skin and the hair being removed.

It Hurts a Little, Yes, a Little

It is commonly thought that any laser hair removal in Dubai hurts. While there is a little bit of sensation of discomfort similar to that of a light rubber band snapping against the skin, it is not at all too bad. Besides a cooling gel and/or cool air may be blown during the procedure to take away any discomfort.

Pregnant Women can’t Undergo Laser

Women that are expecting should not get laser hair removal in Dubai. It is not because of ill effects of the treatment but the lack of current research to rule out any such effects. It is a precautionary measure that may not be needed in future with further research.

Laser Cannot Remove White Hair

This is one of the restrictions associated with the laser. Since the laser targets the pigmentation in the follicle, it cannot act if your hair color is lighter. People who want to remove white hair should see their doctor in order to learn about alternative options to laser hair removal in Dubai.

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