valetinesday offers dubai

Valentine’s day is considered as a memoir of love and sacrifice and that’s why we try to spread love among everyone, love is not limited and that’s why we at Laser Skin Care Clinic bring amazing offers this Valentine’s Day for our beloved clients. With up to 50% flat discount and free treatment sessions, you can celebrate this Valentine’s Day with your loved ones in a much better way.

Laser Hair removal, Laser intimate rejuvenation, Skin Whitening treatment, Ultherapy face lift and laser tattoo removal are some of our treatments that are available at amazing discounts.

Now you can celebrate with your loved one confidently as you will be able to get a Flawless skin with the young appeal. Our offers are tailored just for our clients and for Valentine’s Day, our treatments are as under:


25% discount Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are said to be memories in engraved form but there are several memories that we would like to remove from our mind and body, forever. If you have one of such tattoos that you would like to remove this Valentine’s day, visit Laser Skin Care Clinic to get Flat 25% off. Laser Tattoo removal is a safe procedure and is done under the supervision of board-certified specialists and you can go home right after the treatment.


50% discount Non-Surgical Facelift

Ultherapy is a procedure that allows the patient to get the contoured shape of the face in just one treatment. The facelift allows removal of Acne scars, birthmarks, wrinkles, freckles, scars and other cosmetic conditions in a matter of minutes. You can get Non-surgical ULtherapy Facelift with 50% discount!


Low-cost Skin Whitening

You can get skin whitening treatment for the whole body in a just matter of few hours at Laser Skin Care Clinic at a very low cost. Make your body glow this Valentine’s day by undergoing the full body Skin Whitening Treatment for just AED 4000


Flat 50% off Laser Hair Removal

Get rid of excessive hair from your body this Valentine’s Day and enjoy permanent hair removal at 50% off. Bikini Laser Hair Removal is available for AED 500 instead of AED 1000 to provide you with the best feeling this Valentine’s Day.


Laser Intimate Rejuvenation

Stun your partner this Valentine’s day by getting the Intimate rejuvenation with Free Intimate Lightening session and enjoy your Valentine’s Day in a better, enhanced way. Intimate Rejuvenation session is available at discounted rate of AED 6000 this Valentine’s day at Laser Skin Care Clinic.


G-Spot Enhancement with reduced Rates!

Make your Valentine’s Day more special by getting G-spot enhancement from Laser Skin Care Clinic. The treatment is available at 8000AED instead of 12000AED and with free consultation; you can get best of the treatment and the Valentine’s Day as well!



If you have any queries about the treatment or want to know about the procedure, fill the consultation form below to get the free consultation on the subject and on the valentine’s day offers at Laser Skin Care Clinic.