full body skin lightening surgery cost

Full body Skin Lightening Treatment is basically a procedure that involves skin depigmentation. It works by getting rid of dull and dark skin cells and lightens your entire body’s skin in a matter of a few sessions. There are a few ways you can choose from when it comes to lightening your body and having overall glowing skin. The key options to choose from are laser treatment, bleaching, and surgical procedures. One major factor which allows you to choose one procedure over the other is the cost of full body skin lightening treatment. Other things include the extent of the skin lightening, the number of shades you want to achieve, the current condition of your skin, and various skin sensitivities.

How does it Work?

The principle behind most skin whitening treatments is simple. The procedures work towards blocking the production of melanin in your body. Let’s get a little scientific here. There is an enzyme present in your body that triggers melanin production and it is known as Tyrosinase. It contains coppers and oxidizes to produce melanin. It’s not an easy task and hence contributes towards the ever-increasing skin lightening treatment costs.

What are my options?

You have a wide variety of options to choose from. You can choose one depending upon the full body skin lightening treatment cost, dermatologist’s recommendation, desired results, and your skin’s sensitivity. The most sought after options are:

  • Chemical Peeling– Can take 5 to 7 sessions and peels are available in different strengths; superficial, medium and deep.
  • Laser Skin Whitening– Generally, fractional lasers are used and they produce quick results in a couple of sessions.
  • Microdermabrasion– Works mainly on the principle of getting rid of dead skin cells and boosting the natural complexion.
  • Dermabrasion– Gets rid of the dead skin surface and lightens the complexion over a series of treatments.
  • Full Body Bleaching– It is a treatment mostly offered in salons but is not recommended by dermatologists.

All of these treatments except for the full body bleaching are approved by medical societies and are proved to be safe for body lightening. However, they can vary in terms of full-body skin lightening cost associated with it. Generally, the full body Skin Lightening treatment cost starts from 2500 AED and can go up from there. There are often various plans where you can get a zero-percent financing option if that is your constraint.