Getting rid of excessive fat seems to be on everyone’s mid these days. With the love for junk food ever growing and working hours getting longer and longer, people are not finding any real time for themselves. This is leading to pot bellies all around the globe.

To correct these issues, a committed effort is needed. Many people are able to pull through for the most part. However, at times, they are unable to remove the fat fully. For this purpose, they opt for treatments such as the laser liposuction.

Liposuction in Dubai  is highly effective treatment which helps in significantly reducing body fat. However you should only get the treatment if you are a suitable candidate. Let’s take a look at what criteria one must meet to get liposuction.

Good general health

It is important for a person to be in good health in general to qualify for the treatment. Your doctor will assess your health prior to approving you for the procedure. If you are not well, you may have to wait for a while.

Minimum age

The minimum age prescribed for the laser liposuction is 18 years. Anyone less than the age is not a suitable candidate and should wait to become eligible.

Free from certain health conditions

There are some health conditions that bar a person from getting the laser liposuction. These include diabetes, heart condition, infections and some other serious conditions. Ensure that you discuss your medical history at length with the doctor.

Have tried exercise and diet control

It is important to have a good healthy diet and an exercise regime. This shows your commitment and also reduces the level of fat in the body. If these options have, however, not brought the desired results, laser liposuction is the next best option.Even if you seek the treatment, continue on your healthy ways.

Fat is localized

Laser fat removal is not a procedure for the morbidly obese. It offers its best results when it is used to get rid of localized fat. If you expect it will work for a 50 inch belly, it is actually not.Area such as flanks, inner thighs, under arms and the chin have tough fat that is very hard to remove. Laser liposuction can very easily deal with these areas.

Skin is mildly lax

For the treatment to be possible, the skin must be mildly lax. This allow the cannula to easily travel in the different areas of the body to melt fat. However, if the skin is not lax at all or is too lax, the treatment may not work. Especially with very lax skin the natural stiffness may not return. In such a case, excessive skin may be removed with a minor surgery.

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