scar removal cream

In the past several years, scars from the war were considered marks of pride, but not anymore. Scars can adversely affect your appearance, ruin your self-confidence, and can also make you too much self-centered and self-conscious. There must be something you can do about them. Yes, there are many ways to get rid of scars but first, here is a small introduction.

Scars appear on your skin when the dermis, which is the second layer of your skin, is damaged. The damaged skin triggers the natural healing process and reacts by forming collagen fibers which result in a scar on your skin. Birth Marks and stretches are also considered scars. Scar creams are here to help you while dealing with fresh as well as old and stubborn scars that are hard to get rid of. These creams work by reforming the skin tissues that are damaged. There is no ‘best cream for scars’ as it mostly depends on the cream or gel that suits your skin which is based on many factors.

Let’s dig deeper into this matter and try to find out the best scar removal cream for your skin type.

1. Honeydew Scar Cream

This particular cream contains such ingredients that can heal scars naturally. It will be wise to say that this is one of the best scar removal creams for face. Based on the reviews of this cream, it has almost zero side effects and is suitable for all skin types. It contains oils such as shea butter, jojoba oil, and rosehip oil. Other ingredients include stearic acid which helps the skin in retaining moisture so that it does not become too dry. This cream is best for old scars and is very popular for its anti-aging properties

  • Usage

Actual results may vary depending on the individual’s skin type and frequency of usage. Usually heals fresh scars in a few weeks and old scars after about 5-6 months of regular usage.

2. ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets

These are small sheets that contain silicone. The silicone acts as a natural barrier between healthy skin and scarred skin. This treatment effectively causes scar tissue to fade away. These scar sheets are also very effective for body parts other than your face. The ScarAway company claims that these sheets can cure scars that are caused by injuries, surgeries, C-sections, tummy tucks, and keloid scars too.

  • Usage

For new or fresh scars, it can take a few weeks to completely heal. Birthmarks or older scars may take longer to completely heal.

3. Mederma Advanced Scar Gel

It is one of the most popular and most effective, all-in-one scar removal creams to deal with every kind of scar. The official website of Mederma gel providers claims that this cream can remove both old and new scars. This cream can heal scars from surgeries, treatments, cuts as well as burns. The main ingredient in this advanced gel is Allantoin. Allantoin is known for its moisturizing as well as hydrating properties, hence making skin cells as good as new. This gel is available worldwide and is one of the best scar-removal creams in Dubai.

  • Usage

For new scars, it takes about 8 weeks of regular usage to get rid of them. For older Scars, it is recommended that you should continue using it directly on your scars for about 6 months to see good results.

4. Derma E Scar Gel

Talk about all the best ingredients combined in perfect ratios to work extremely well when put together to fight against scars, this Derma E Scar Gel is one of the best scar removal creams available out there. It contains Allicin which is an anti-oxidant, Allantoin that works to hydrate skin cells and removes dead skin cells, and Panthenol which is a vitamin to help smooth the skin. The manufacturer company of this gel claims that all these above-mentioned ingredients are put together in perfect ratios to fade away the unwanted scars from your skin.

  • Usage

It is recommended to use this gel 3 times a day for quick results. New or fresh scars may disappear in about 7-8 weeks of regular usage. Older scars can take up to 6 months or so to show any noticeable improvement.

5. COS Naturals Stretch Marks and Scars Cream

This cream comes jam-packed with almost all-natural ingredients like Vitamin B, C, and E as well as Hyaluronic Acid. The nutrients in this cream ensure that your skin is always hydrated,

moisturized, and very smooth. COS Natural Stretch Marks cream not only heals the scars that are visible at that time but also prevents any occurrence of stretch marks that may appear in the future.

6. Differing Adapalene Gel

This gel is perfect to deal with scars that may appear due to acne. This gel neutralizes the free radicals by deoxidizing them, thus repairing and healing any damage done to the skin due to acne scars. The manufacturers of this gel claim that it effectively heals severe acne scarring in just 22-24 weeks of continued usage. It is most recommended as a pimple scar removal cream as well as an acne scar removal cream.

This gel can cause irritation and swelling so it’s better to contact your dermatologist and let him decide if this gel suits your skin type or not.


Scar creams are not a quick treatment and take time and devotion to show desired results. But don’t be disappointed as these creams can provide many other benefits to your skin while healing your scars. It is also possible that none of the above-mentioned creams work for you. So, it is better to visit a dermatologist before choosing any cream.

If you want to get rid of these scars as soon as possible, opt for a clinical scar removal treatment. There are many effective and quick scar removal treatments like laser scar removal, skin resurfacing, chemical peels, etc. that can help you achieve this goal. You can visit Laser Skin Care to get any of these procedures. We have a team of board-certified dermatologists who are very well-experienced and professional. It’s time for you to fight back, so what are you waiting for? Book a free appointment right now and our dermatologists will show you how it’s done.