Laser scar removal comprises one of the most popular and most demanded scar removing techniques nowadays, reason being its non-invasive nature and instant results. But like any other procedure, laser scar removal also has some side effects associated with it that every potential candidate should be aware of before committing to the procedure.

Luckily laser scar removal is very safe and has a very low risk of causing any serious complications or side effects. Reputable professional dermatologists generally explain all the risks and complication associated with the scar removal procedure during the initial consultation. But still, for you information here is a list of the possible side effects of scar removal:

  • Redness and Swelling: Redness and swelling at the treated area is the most common after effect of laser scar removal. Expect the treated skin to be red and sensitive to touch immediately after the procedure, but this condition should subside within a 24 to 36 hours. Ice packs may help reduce redness and swelling.
  • Sensitivity to sun: Since scar removal involves removing the damaged top layer of skin, sensitivity to sun is unavoidable. Apply a broad spectrum sun screen with SPF 45 or above to the treated areas when going out in sun.
  • Skin discoloration: The treated may appear lighter or darker as compared to the surrounding skin, but this will be temporary discoloration. Over time when new skin will cover the treated area this difference in color will go away at its own. Treating stubborn scars, such as those raised above the surface of skin need a more aggressive laser treatment plan and ultimately increase risk of hyper or hypo-pigmentation. People with darker complexion are particularly at a higher risk of suffering from skin discoloration after aggressive laser treatment.
  • Blisters and burns: Burns and blisters may also occur on the treated area but this very rare, usually associated carelessness or inexperience of the laser operator. Go for an experienced skin specialist to avoid blistering and crusting. If it does happen, use a topical antibiotic on the affected areas and avoid picking at the burns and blisters or you may end up infecting the wounds.

All these side effects are temporary and go away in a couple of weeks, but its results are long lasting as it helps completely eliminate the unsightly scars. Risk of side effects can be significantly lowered by choosing an experienced, board-certified dermatologist or laser expert with at least 5-year experience of treating cases similar to yours. Furthermore, follow your clinician’s post-procedure instructions closely to avoid these complications.