Laser hair removal

Some women encounter hair growth in body areas where only men grow hair. This condition is referred to as Hirsutism, and it is characterized by hair growth in the places like the upper lip, chin, side-burns, chest, and back.

While most women have very fine or transparent hair growing on their face, it is estimated that 3 out of every 20 women have coarse and thick hair growing on the chin and other facial areas. This excess hair growth has been a cause of sheer embarrassment for the affected women worldwide.

What are the Causes of Excess Hair on Chin?

Women experience excessive growth of these hairs due to high levels of androgen hormones in their bodies. As we all know, androgens are the dominant hormones found in men.

So what leads to the over-production of these manly hormones, which stimulate your hair follicles in unlikely places? Here is a brief overview of the possible reasons.

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome: Commonly known as PCOS, this is an issue for many women. PCOS mainly develops due to an imbalance of sex hormones and is identifiable through irregular monthly periods, infertility, tendencies that lean towards obesity, loss of hair, and, of course, an over-production of hair.
  • Certain medications: Certain medications cause excessive hair growth as a side-effect. The most common medicines that lead to Hirsutism are those used to treat endometriosis.
  • Tumors: Although rare, some tumors that attack adrenal glands or ovaries can over-produce hair follicles in women, especially when the tumor is secreting androgen hormones.
  • Cushing’s syndrome: This condition is common among people with higher levels of cortisol. Remaining under stress for a prolonged period is one of the most significant reasons for this hormonal imbalance.

Treating Hirsutism

The treatment of Hirsutism mainly depends on the underlying reason. Hence, it will be a terrible idea to self-medicate this issue, especially if the treatment method deals with hormone manipulation. Nonetheless, you can continue with simple hair removal methods at home.

Here is a synopsis of treatment options that can help you get rid of unwanted hair caused by Hirsutism.

  • Anti-androgens: These drugs prevent androgens from attaching to their receptors. The most commonly used anti-androgen medicine in this regard is spironolactone. While this drug is more effective for Hirsutism than others in the same category, its results are still modest and may take more than six months to become noticeable.
  • Topical cream: Women with excess facial hair can use Eflornithine – a prescription cream to help reduce thick and coarse hair. This treatment slows down new hair growth and rarely affects existing hair. Generally, this cream works best when used with other hair removal treatments. However, it is vital to get a word from a qualified skin doctor before using this cream.
  • Laser treatment: Laser hair removal treatment is one of the most effective options to reduce excess hair on the face and other body areas. A qualified practitioner directs a high-intensity laser beam to the treatment area with excess hair during this procedure. This laser beam gets absorbed into the skin and transforms into heat that damages hair follicles. However, you won’t get a drastic reduction in hair growth in one go. So, you may need more than one laser session to achieve your hair removal goals.

Final Thoughts

Hair on the chin and other facial areas that should remain hair-free is a significant cosmetic concern for many women. While this condition has more to do with hormonal imbalance, you can benefit from several hair removal options to maintain a smooth skin surface. The most viable option in this regard is laser hair removal due to its near-permanent results. However, the key to successful hair removal through laser is to get this treatment from a skilled dermatologist only.