When it comes to skin treatments, everyone seems to be interested in getting nonsurgical treatments to avoid severe side effects and lengthy downtimes. Many people are petrified just by the name of a surgery. Amongst the top nonsurgical options is chemical peels. (التقشير الكيميائي) These are much-loved treatments which work fantastically. Let’s learn more about it and also take a look at the conditions it can treat.

What are chemical peels?

Chemical peels are acidic solutions that resurface the skin in order to correct a number of its problems. These come in different strengths and the strength that may be used is dependent on the given conditions and its extent.

How do they work?

The skin is first cleansed to ensure that all impurities are removed. Peels are then applied to the skin and left in place for fifteen to twenty minutes. Alcohol is then used to neutralize the effects of the chemicals and peels are removed. The whole process takes less than an hour in most cases. The effects of the treatment take time to show up since the skin resurfaces over time.

Pros and cons

There are both pros and cons for chemical peels. (التقشير الكيميائي) They are effective in correcting a wide range of skin ills. The treatment is not very harsh on the skin for the most part. It can be performed at home though it is not advised due to the risk of skin burning. The treatment is known to deliver the required results within the stipulated time.

There is little pain involved in the treatment process which is countered with local or topical anesthetics. Deep peels generally can have severe side effects and also have longer downtime associated with them. Overall there are more pros than cons and the treatment is totally worthwhile.

Conditions treated by chemical peels

There are a number of skin conditions that can be corrected with the help of chemical peels. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Pigmentation issues

Pigmentation issues are generally caused by unprotected exposure to the sun in the longer run. These skin ills include freckles and blemishes, age spots, Melasma, and other similar conditions. Chemical peels can resurface the skin and get rid of these skin troubles within some sessions.

Fine lines and wrinkles

These are the first signs of aging and take away some of the charms from the personality. The peels are an effective way to counter this problem and correct the wrinkles with relative ease. Multiple sessions may be needed.

Live acne

Live acne is a problem that affects a lot of people around the globe. It takes place as the pores in the skin get clogged due to sebum and dead skin cells combining in them. The acne bacteria finds a home in such conditions. Peels kill the bacteria and unclog the pores to get rid of this annoying skin condition.

Superficial scars

Chemical peels are more than useful in getting rid of all kinds of superficial scars. It is not effective when it comes to deep scars though. The skin resurfacing and boost in collagen brings the intended results within a few sessions of treatment.

Stretch marks

These unsightly marks are generally caused by pregnancy as the skin stretches a lot and the dermis eventually starts tearing. These marks fade away but do not entirely go away. Whether new or old, the stretch marks can be effectively removed with chemical peels.

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