Skin Whitening Treatment in Dubai

While many people are aware of the side effects of skin bleaching, the craze of getting a lighter skin is increasing day by day. Thanks to the aggressive marketing tactics, tan skinned individuals are getting more and more self-conscious and are looking for a perfect cure.

A Typical Ad

Marketing industry knows really well on how to tackle the minds of people with low self-esteem. The commercial open with a dark toned girl. She is currently unhappy with her life, unable to land her dream job and has a lack of great proposals for marriage. Then an angle will come to save her (as they portray), probably her mother, friend or an aunt and will suggest her a skin whitening cream. After a few days, she is all white and glowing. She has got the much-coveted job, found a groom and is leading a happy life. Simple.

The Implication

These marketing companies make you think that your dusky skin tone is the root cause of many problems. They forget to mention that these creams can burn your skin and create problems like hyper-pigmentation and photo-sensitivity. Although one must be confident in his/her complexion as every skin is beautiful regardless of the color and flaunt it with confidence, there are still some people who have to get a whitening treatment done. If that’s the case with you, don’t opt for such creams, rather go for a Laser Skin Whitening Treatment in Dubai.

The Western World

While the entire west is obsessed with a dusky complexion, this is not the case in the Middle East. They are willing to spend hours getting ready, making sure that their tanning lotion is spread evenly all over their body. Tanning beds and spray tans are the latest rage and almost everyone in the west is going crazy over it. The skin whitening industry in the Middle East and the Asian countries is booming right now. The reason behind this is low confidence levels and endorsements of the skin whitening creams by popular celebrities.  You must keep in mind that it is not possible to whiten your skin safely and effectively even via the most expensive cream available in the market. The only safe way is to visit a professional dermatologist and go for a skin whitening treatment in Dubai.

The Safe Options

Getting a professional skin whitening treatment in Dubai has a lot to do with the dermatologists and the clinic chosen. Here is a list of the best treatment options:

  1. Chemical Peels
  2. Microdermabrasion
  3. Fractional CO2 Laser

One or the other can be chosen depending upon your skin type and the expected results.

Free Consultation

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