How Long Does Laser Skin Lightening Last?

Skin lightening laser treatment is one of the most effective treatments available right now. No one wants to have a dull and faded skin tone. The laser skin whitening treatment makes dull and faded skin shine like it hasn’t been affected ever.  

Most people ask if this treatment is permanent, and if it’s not permanent, how long does laser skin lightening last? We are here to answer this particular question. So, without wasting any time, let’s dig right into it.  

What is Laser Skin Lightening?  

Wondering what is laser skin lightening and how to make your skin lighter? Everyone is born with a different amount of melanin pigment in their skins. The abundance of melanin pigment causes your skin to become dark and dull. This pigment is deposited in the skin by hormones called melanocytes. However, the number of melanocytes everyone gets depends on their genetics.  

Laser skin treatment is the only remedy that can effectively destroy the melanin pigment in the skin. For destroying the melanin pigment, this treatment uses intense and concentrated beams of light. While destroying the dark pigment, the laser also triggers the body’s natural healing process. As a result, your body starts producing elastin and collagen in excess amounts. These two elements make the skin radiant, and it starts glowing. Moreover, they contain active anti-aging properties that make your skin tighter and smoother.  

How long does Laser Skin Lightening last?  

The results of a skin lightening treatment are permanent only if you regularly have follow-up sessions. Moreover, you need to strictly follow the post-care instructions to make the results last longer. Otherwise, laser skin lightening is not a permanent solution if you cannot carry on with the post-care sessions.  

Without proper post-care sessions with an expert practitioner, you will lose the glowing and light-complexioned skin within 1-2 years.  

Skin Lightening Procedure  

The skin lightening procedure includes a few sessions with an expert practitioner. He/she uses intensely focused beams of laser light to remove the damaged skin. The laser triggers the production of new skin cells and lightens the skin tone as well . The procedure can take about 35 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the patient’s skin condition.  

Pros of Laser Skin Whitening  

Below, we have shared some positive aspects of Laser Skin Whitening.  

  • Quick Results  

Skin lightening laser treatment is a quick solution to your skin darkening problem. You can see excellent results just after one sitting with the dermatologist. It is the answer to your question that how to get lighter skin? Within one session, the skin starts feeling brighter and smoother.  

For ablative skin lightening laser treatment, you only need one or two sittings, making the procedure even faster. On the other hand, non-ablative treatment takes a little more time than the ablative one. However, it is still far less as compared to other skin lightening treatments.  

  • Effective Treatment  

How to make your skin lighter? Well, the laser skin whitening is genuinely the most effective way to do it. This treatment gives you a smoother skin with a lighter skin tone in no time. Moreover, it is a cost-effective solution for all your skin problems.  

  • Professional Procedure  

Skin lightening laser treatment is regularly observed and improved. Due to this, it is developing every day and, currently it is the most professional procedure available. Every aspect of this treatment is continuously monitored by top-notch professionals which makes it safe and effective.  

Bottom Line  

We have provided enough evidence about how long does laser skin lightening lasts and how it works. If you are tired of dark patches appearing on your skin, consider this treatment.  

However, always consult an experienced dermatologist before undergoing any cosmetic treatment. They will guide you about the risks that can cause unbearable damage to your skin. Here at Laser Skin Care Dubai, we have a team of board-certified dermatologists. They have performed the laser skin whitening treatment countless times and several patients are satisfied with the results. So, schedule a free session right now and say goodbye to your dark and dull skin.