laser skin whitening

The dream of having a fairer and spotless skin is cherished by every man and woman across the globe. With more and more options available for skin whitening, it has become relatively easier to get the best solution for restoring your lost glow. More options sometimes also lead to more confusion, like which treatment is better as compared to others, and some other doubts.  

Today, we are here to answer a question that is usually asked by almost every person who is thinking of getting a laser procedure for skin whitening. And that question is, is laser skin whitening permanent?  

Let’s get started and answer this question with some proper evidence. 

What Causes Darker Skin? 

You might know that most of the time, the color of your skin is passed on to you genetically. This condition is known as hyperpigmentation and the substance which causes it is known as melanin.  

More melanocytes cause darker pigmentation which leads to darker skin tone. On the other hand, if you have fewer melanocytes then you can have beautiful white skin with very little or no patches of dark pigmentation. 

Skin Lightening Treatment 

Wondering how to lighten your skin? A skin lightening treatment such as laser whitening along with some other treatments can help you get rid of a darker complexion.  

This treatment also repairs any damage caused to your skin by direct sunlight, melasma, freckles, acne, and any other skin conditions. The reduction in your melanin content can also help brighten your skin tone and remove dark spots. 

Types of Lasers used to Whiten your Skin 

Using laser technology to treat your skin is not a new thing. It has gone through years and years of improvement and modifications for better skin treatment.  

Mainly there are two types of laser technologies that are being used to treat different skin conditions 

1. Ablative Laser 

This procedure uses a laser that emits short-pulsed light energy to vaporize the topmost as well as some parts of the middle layer of the skin. It is considered as one of the most effective and long-lasting solutions for almost all skin problems. This treatment has many side effects, if not done correctly, and also has a downtime of about 2-3 weeks. There are two types of ablative lasers. 

  • Carbon Dioxide Laser

A gas-based mixture is used to vaporize not the whole skin layers, but some of the targeted areas of your skin. This laser effectively promotes collagen and elastin production. Collagen and elastin are known to make your skin firmer and fresh. This treatment also works wonders against hyperpigmented skin and can be used to whiten your facial skin. 

  • Er: YAG Laser

This Erbium-doped solid-state laser is used to produce controlled scarring on the skin. The controlled scarring triggers the body’s natural healing mechanism, tricking it to release more collagen and elastin. Scarring and the production of new skin cells can reduce hyperpigmentation and makes your skin firmer.  

2. Non-ablative Laser  

A non-ablative laser is also used for skin whitening and must be performed by a professional dermatologist. Unlike ablative laser, it does not mess with the topmost skin layer and only penetrates through the skin to curdle the affected skin tissues of the inner skin layers. This laser keeps the outermost layer intact so does not mess with it at all. 

Is Laser Skin Whitening Permanent? 

Wondering how to whiten your skin permanently? It’s time to answer the most important question we all are here for.   

The laser treatment is usually called a permanent treatment, but in fact, it is NOT a permanent solution. Long-lasting can be a perfect word to describe this skin procedure because its effects last longer than any other solution that is available for skin whitening. 

Ablative laser treatment only takes two to three sittings for permanent (long-lasting) skin whitening while non-ablative treatment takes 4-5 sessions for the treatment. Both these treatments help you get rid of your darker skin and provide you with softer, radiant, and brighter skin with new skin cells. These procedures are less time-consuming and show instant results. 

Tips for Long-Lasting Laser Lightening  

Following tips from professional dermatologists can help you maintain the effects of laser skin lightening for a very long time. If you carefully comply with these tips, you can have laser whitening effects for decades to come. 

  •  Use sunscreen whenever you go out in the sun. 
  •  Follow a basic skincare routine, that includes regular moisturizing and scrubbing. 
  • Get a maintenance session with your dermatologist every 4-5 months. 
  • Eat healthily and similarly drink a lot of water to hydrate your skin. 

Final Verdict 

Laser treatment is a permanent solution to get rid of birthmarks and tattoos but it is not a permanent solution to treat melasma and darker skin complexion. 

Using strong acids or any other strong treatment on your facial skin, without any proper guidance can cause more harm than good. Dermatologists strongly insist, on not fading out your complexion beyond the natural one. 

If you are still unsure whether you should get a brightening laser treatment or not, seek some professional guidance. Visit Laser Skin Care for this purpose because we have a team of board-certified dermatologists with whom you can share your doubts as well as your expectations. Book a free appointment right now and you will not be disappointed.