How Many IPL Treatments to See Results?

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology is commonly used to perform cosmetic procedures. In fact, many skin issues can be resolved by taking an IPL treatment. People often ask; how many IPL treatments to see results? This blog post discusses the number of sessions needed to solve a skin issue.

IPL Treatments

It is a famous skin treatment that is used to solve skin deformities. It consists of a series of three to five treatments sessions. These treatment sessions are performed every three to six weeks. It has plenty of benefits for the skin. Some people call it Laser Photo rejuvenation as a Photofacial or Fotofacial.

The skin becomes photosensitive after the procedure. That is why the person who takes it needs to stay away from the sunlight. The excessive exposure to the sunlight is not good. If the person has to go somewhere, the use of sunscreen, umbrella, and the brimmed hat is suggested.

Number of Sessions Needed

The IPL laser treatment is used to cure many skin issues. The question is; how many IPL treatments to see results? Well, the number of sessions depends on the nature of the skin problem. IPL procedure consists of three to five treatments sessions. But the treatments cannot be performed one after another.

There is a need to give a gap of three to six weeks between the treatment sessions. The number of treatment a person has to take depends on the nature of the skin issue. On the average, dermatologists suggest four sessions to the people with moderate issues.

The End Result

From the above discussion, it is clear that the IPL Technique is good to solve a variety of skin issues. If you want to remove dark spots, flushing, rosacea, or improve the texture and tone of the skin, you should also consider it. If you are interested in it, please feel free to get in touch with our dermatologist anytime.

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