chin acne

There are too many reasons to hate hormonal chin acne. First, these are big pimples on the chin that continue to appear over and over again. Second, these can be pretty painful. Third, these can affect your appearance in a not-so-pleasant way. And the list goes on.

Now the question is: how can I get rid of chin acne? Can I benefit from home remedies, or must I visit a dermatologist? We are going to answer these questions in this post. But first, let’s discuss what causes these painful blemishes.

Cause of Acne on Chin

Hormonal fluctuation is one of the top reasons for acne on chin. With the surge in hormone levels, the production of sebum gets a boost. Sebum is a naturally occurring oil produced in the skin and is usually the primary cause of chin acne.

Generally, teens get more of these blemishes as their bodies undergo more frequent hormonal fluctuations and resultant sebum production. Women are also vulnerable to chin acne as their hormonal ecosystem tends to go haywire due to their menstrual cycle.

How to Get Rid of Chin Acne?

Fortunately, you can benefit from a decent number of options to get rid of that bumpy chin acne. These include both home remedies and clinical treatments. We will discuss the most common methods in the following lines.

Use Products Containing Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide

Contrary to the norms, combining two or more products may prove beneficial in some cases. Some products may help address multiple acne-causing factors when used in tandem. For instance, you can combine salicylic acid and benzoyl acid – both of which are OTC solutions – to treat chin acne. When used together, these acids can kill bacteria, treat pimples, and help remove excess sebum.

Keep Your Hands Off the Face

Resting hands on your chin, picking at blemishes, and unnecessarily touching the face are the habits you want to shun to avoid acne breakout on chin. It is vital to keep the chin area free of any bacteria or skin infectants. For this purpose, you can use a cleanser solution containing glycolic and salicylic acid.

Exfoliate the Skin Regularly

Exfoliation is a long-term solution to avoid breakouts and keep the skin smooth and clear. At home, you can use chemical exfoliants like retinoids or an exfoliating brush. These mild-action methods keep your skin fresh and disinfected if added to a daily skincare regimen.

If your skin doesn’t respond to at-home options, you can consider clinical treatments, which are also available in abundance. Chemical peeling and microdermabrasion are considered the cosmetic industry’s gold-standard methods for skin exfoliation due to their better safety and efficacy.

Pay Attention to Your Diet.

It is super-obvious that what you eat will have a positive or negative influence on your skin. But remember, avoiding chin acne requires more than following a standard food chart that puts junk foods in the “bad” category while allowing other types of foods. The fact is some “healthy” foods can make your skin excrete substances your body wouldn’t agree with. For instance, having too much of a dairy diet causes excretions through cystic acne near your chin.

Hence, you will need to look at your diet routine to identify foods that cause hormonal acne on chin. Make sure that you do not eat any food that causes inflammation leading to cyst formation.

Get Blue LED Light Acne Therapy

Blue LED light therapy treats not only current acne but also prevents future acne breakouts. When put on the acne, this light kills bacteria underneath the skin. What makes this therapy awesome is its safety; you can use it at home. On top of that, the blue LED is usually available at most local drugstores over the counter.

Use Sonic Cleansing to Prevent Cyst Formation

Preventing pimples on chin is also possible with sonic cleansing, which focuses on proper lymphatic drainage. This method prevents the buildup of liquids beneath the top skin surface. This cleansing is possible with a face brush, which stimulates cells and promotes proper blood flow in the treated region.

Reduce Pain in The Acne with Ice.

Pain in acne can be irritating enough to distract you from many things you do in your daily routine. But you can relieve this pain by applying ice wrapped in a piece of cloth to the acne cyst. Not only will this technique help you reduce pain, but the redness in the area will also subside.

Speak to a Dermatologist

Last but not least, you will need to get professional help if you fail to get results from home remedies. A dermatologist can help you get rid of your acne with prescription medication. If this medication doesn’t work out, they will move to clinical treatment, such as chemical peeling, microdermabrasion, or a laser procedure. These treatments are a surefire way to neutralize acne and its effects on the chin.

Final Thoughts

Hormonal chin acne is no fun. Not only does it cause excruciating pain, but it may also lead to a permanent scar. Luckily, there are multiple ways to treat this condition, as mentioned above.

In the end, Laser Skin Care Clinic provides the most viable chin acne treatments through state-of-the-art equipment and, of course, highly experienced practitioners. You may book a consultation using the form below to speak to one of our dermatologists.