Q Switch Laser Hair Bleaching

The reason people choose laser treatment over shaving and other routine hair removal tasks is the permanency of treatment results. Hence, laser treatment has become one of the established methods to get rid of unwanted body hairs. Yet, it is impossible to permanently remove all hairs, even with the best laser hair removal techniques. Laser hair removal procedures are generally unable to target thin or fine hair.

Fortunately, we have got the laser hair bleaching option, which is the next best thing after laser hair removal. In this blog post, we will describe laser hair bleaching using a Q-Switch Laser Machine.

Fine Hairs and Laser Hair Removal 

Fine hairs are generally too thin, which makes them unresponsive to laser hair removal treatment. Laser hair removal techniques work well for thick hair with a significant amount of melanin content. However, fine hairs lack the amount of melanin necessary for laser energy absorption. Yet, these hairs are dark enough to be visible on the skin.

Furthermore, fine hairs are too tiny and flexible for routine hair removal activities such as waxing and threading.

Fortunately, you can benefit from laser hair bleaching, also referred to as non-permanent laser hair removal. This technique changes the color of the treated hair. As a result, the hair becomes almost invisible on the skin.

Latest Q-Switch Nd Yag Lasers 

Q-Switch Nd Yag machines use a laser beam of a specific wavelength to target the melanin content in thin and fine hairs. Generally, the melanin present in these hairs is insufficient for laser hair removal. However, laser hair bleaching uses a highly accurate light beam to destroy melanin in these hairs. As a result, fine and thin hair color becomes lightened enough to match the skin tone.

Q-Switch Nd Yag Lasers are the gold standard in the cosmetic industry due to their high accuracy, improved effectiveness, and fewer side effects. Nonetheless, it is worth noticing that this treatment doesn’t provide permanent results. The treated hair falls out after 10-15 days and then regrows after four to six weeks with its original color and thickness. Hence, you will need to undergo several follow-up sessions of laser hair bleaching.

Generally, hair bleaching through Q-Switch Nd Yag laser is well-suited for hairs that escape laser hair removal treatments. Yet, you can choose this bleaching treatment also for thick hair with a significant amount of melanin.

On top of everything, laser hair bleaching is quite a painless procedure. It only results in a mild tingling, which is well tolerable for a majority of individuals. Nevertheless, you can ask your dermatologist to apply a local anesthetic if you want.


In the end, the laser treatment for hair bleaching is a good option for those who want to color their hair without applying harmful bleaching chemicals. Laser hair bleaching changes the hair color without endangering skin tissues. 

The Q-Switch Nd Yag laser is the most viable hair bleaching option due to its better effectiveness and improved accuracy. As a result, you can get your hair bleached without having too many side effects.

Remember, choosing a skilled dermatologist is integral for success in a treatment that deals with lasers. So, visit Laser Skin Care Clinic and book a consultation with top-ranked dermatologists to discuss laser hair bleaching.