We all cherish the perfect skin that the celebrities have, believing that they are naturally endowed with flawless skin free of acne and acne scars. But the reality is otherwise. Even the celebrities get affected by numerous skin problems, especially acne is so ruthless that it does not discriminate between a celeb and layman. Even the most affluent and beautiful models and actresses of Hollywood cannot escape from it, and Rihanna’s case is in front of us.

The 25-year-old singer who is managing an extremely successful singing career at such a young age could not manage her acne problem. May be it was the stressful lifestyle or the hormonal abnormalities or any other allergic reaction which led to appearance of acne on her face. But the reality is, the gorgeous Rihanna has also faced the discomfort and embarrassment caused by acne. However, she was able to hide her pimples with the help of make-up, courtesy her competent makeup expert. Had you spotted her off-screen and without makeup, i can bet you would have been shocked to see her.

However, it is not only the makeup that you need to escape the embarrassment of acne. There is a wide range of acne treatments (علاج حب الشبابavailable to help you overcome the acne problem. Initially topical applications are prescribed by the dermatologists to help treat mild to moderate acne. But severe acne requires more drastic measures for its eradication.

Lasers comprise the most effective and the most commonly used acne treatment all over the world. Laser therapy uses high intensity laser beams to kill the acne causing bacteria and reduce the infection and skin inflammation. Several light therapies are also available to help the acne sufferers get rid of pain, discomfort and embarrassment caused by red, swollen pimples on face.

RihannaLatest non-invasive procedure used for treating active acne uses oxygen gas. Clinically named as “Oxygen-facial” this skin rejuvenating procedure introduces a mixture of pure oxygen and growth elements into clogged pores to kill the acne causing anaerobic bacteria, which need oxygen-deprived environment for their survival. Besides killing the bacteria, oxygen also triggers healing process and the skin cell regeneration to help prevent acne scars from forming.

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