Cellulite is a skin condition characterized by a dimpled appearance of the skin, especially on the thighs, abdomen, and upper arms. Though this condition can affect anybody, it is more common in women. According to a recent study, about 80 percent of women are suffering from cellulite.

These orange peel-looking lumps rarely pose any health risk, but they are not aesthetically pleasing. Most of the people seeking cellulite treatment go for it for cosmetic reasons. If you are also a victim of these unsightly lumps, then fret not. There are numerous treatment options available to help you eliminate cellulite and get smoother skin. The latest non-surgical skin tightening technique used for cellulite treatment nowadays is Radio Frequency Treatment. The procedure uses high-frequency waves to break cellulite lumps.

Radio Frequency Treatment (RFT)

Radio Frequency waves penetrate the skin and target the required tissues without damaging the surrounding cells. After penetration, these waves heat the collagen in the inner skin layers. Collagen is a naturally occurring fibrous protein responsible for keeping the skin tight and elastic. When heated, this protein gets stimulated, leading to shrinkage and tightening of the skin.

Radio Frequency Treatment uses high-frequency waves that penetrate the skin and heat fat deposits there. The cellulite present in that area is heated until it breaks up. Once this happens, the treated area is massaged in a bid to stimulate the lymphatic system, which ultimately flushes out the fat cells. Besides accelerating collagen production, RFT also stimulates skin cells’ regeneration, helping you achieve new, youthful skin free of lumps.

How to use High-Frequency Skin Therapy for Cellulite?

High-frequency skin therapy is usually available at medical and cosmetic clinics, but it is also safe to use at home. You can even use it every day to accelerate cellulite removal. Here is what a typical high-frequency therapy procedure at home entails.

  • First off, wash your face and dry it thoroughly.
  • Then, insert an electrode into the high-frequency wand and turn the instrument on.
  • Place the wand tip against the treatment area and turn on its dial. You should feel mild tingling in a short while, but it shouldn’t be painful.
  • Move the wand on the treatment site in circular motions, and make sure not to give any area of the treatment site more than five minutes.
  • Once you have covered the entire treatment site, finish the procedure by applying a serum.

Features of High-frequency Wand for Cellulite

Following are some salient features of high-frequency cellulite treatment:

  • It is non-invasive
  • It involves minimal discomfort
  • Has virtually no side effects
  • It does not require any downtime
  • Does not cause the skin to sag or droop after cellulite removal
  • Used for treating any area of the body, including face, neck, arms, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks

Wrapping Up

High-intensity therapy is a safe and effective method to treat cellulite. You can use this treatment to give your skin a smoother and more contoured appearance. However, it is best to discuss this option with an experienced dermatologist.

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