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People in the beauty industry are always looking for the latest updates on skincare and cosmetic procedures, from skin tightening to skin whitening to laser hair removal; and who else can be more conscious about their looks than the celebrities. Hollywood celebrities are eager to try almost every cosmetic procedure that has hit the industry till date.

The Persian Barbie’s Confession

Though most of the celebrities are not quite open about the cosmetic treatments that they have undergone, there is one name that has never been reluctant when it comes to beauty confessions. Yes, you have guessed it right; she is “The Shah’s of Sunset”, Lilly Ghalichi. The Persian Barbie has always been asked for the secret behind her “perfectly straight” hairline. Many people have alleged the American reality show star of wearing “lace front wigs”, which she strongly condemned. Ghalichi took to her personal blog to reveal the secret behind her perfect hairline, crediting Laser Hair Removal for her signature hairline.

Thick, Lucious Hair has Certain Cons

Lilly’s Persian origin has earned her long, thick hair and apparently artificial looking beautiful natural eyebrows and eyelashes. But it is not her head and face that have been blessed with thick, strong hair. The Iranian gal was also blessed abundantly with armpit and bikini hair, and according to her, she had the worst experience with traditional hair removal during her teens.

Traditional Hair Removal Methods Sucked for Her

“Growing up, I had the worst experience with hair removal. I used to shave my armpits and bikini only to get intense redness, irritation, and ingrown. It(1) was miserable and it was so embarrassing, especially in the summertime,” wrote Ghalichi in her personal blog. “As a woman, it’s hard to be hairy! Well, thank God for technology and the advent of laser hair removal! I began laser hair removal in college. I’ve done my armpits, bikini area, and full face. These are the only areas I have ever done, but I am very happy with the results,” added the Persian Barbie.

Laser is the Way to Go

The American reality show star has not only undergone Laser Hair Removal but also recommends it for everyone – especially women struggling with messy, embarrassing armpit and bikini hairs. Lilly started getting laser hair removal treatment when she was in college and today she is enjoying a silky, smooth skin which is free of unwanted hair.

Though the Persian babe has to undergo “touch-up” sessions every few years, courtesy her hormone problem, she never minds getting a touch-up sessions as long as the technology is offering her lasting results.

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