laser hair removal

When it comes to dealing with the frustration of unwanted hair, celebs and superstars act just like you and me. In fact, the pressure of having a fuzz-free silky smooth is much greater on celebrities than us. Traditional hair removal methods, such as shaving, waxing, and threading do not offer lasting results and have to be repeated every week if not daily to keep the skin hair free. Furthermore, these methods don’t add the smoothness to the skin that fans want to see. This is why more and more celebrities, both men and women, are undergoing Laser Hair Removal Dubai to get rid of unwanted hair safely, quickly and permanently.

Hollywood and Laser Hair Removal

To date, a vast majority of Hollywood celebrities have used lasers to get fuzz-free skin, but not all of them are willing to admit it publically, and this is quite unfortunate, as people always want to hear the testimonials of high profile personalities. Hearing positive things about a certain cosmetic procedure from stars helps convince them to emulate their favorite celebrities and undergo the treatment more confidently. Nevertheless, there are some Hollywood actresses who never hesitated to share their Laser Hair Removal experiences with their fans.

Alyssa Milano’s Laser Hair Removal

Alyssa Milano, American actress, and former singer have also had laser hair removal to get rid of unwanted body hair. The 42-year-old Hollywood beauty has undergone multiple laser hair removal sessions to get rid of thick, coarse hair on her arms and legs. She had dark and thick hair which made her an ideal candidate for laser hair removal treatment. This led to better results with fewer sessions.

Kim Kardashian’s Laser Hair Removal Another high-profile laser user is the American reality show superstar Kim Kardashian, who has used lasers to zap everything from her perfect hairline to the ankles and toes. The California beach babe has confessed it several times in her reality show that she has treated her bikini area as well with laser hair removal. Kim has also credited her perfect hairline to laser treatment.

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