Acne scars are caused by trauma to the skin due to acne breakouts. These scars negatively affect your beautiful facial looks; of course, you would not want them to.

Several habits lead to Acne scarring; giving up on these habits can help you prevent acne scars.

This blog will discuss five reasons that cause acne scarring. Make sure to check on every reason so that you may avoid them to have scar-free skin.

You pick, squeeze, or pop acne

Picking, squeezing, and popping Acne can cause scars. It is a critical concept, but most of us ignore it. The acne indeed ends with scars, but these scars can be nasty if a person picks, squeezes, or pops the acne breakout. So, it is important not to attack a zit anymore if you want to avoid nasty scars.

The pimples indeed cause inconvenience, and the person often has to touch them, but one should avoid touching and picking. If you have got scars already, the Acne Scar Treatment is a good option for their removal.

Your Skin is not Exofoilated

The acne problem can be avoided using different techniques, such as keeping the skin fresh and exfoliated. Regular cleansing and exfoliation is an excellent way to prevent acne breakouts.

If you have got acne, you should think about ways to treat it as soon as you can.

Different Acne treatments are offered at the Laser Skin Care Clinic Dubai to remove the dead layer of Skin. You may consult our dermatologist to determine which treatment is suitable for you.

Doing so will also help you avoid scarring at a later stage.

You do not get treatment for Acne.

Treating acne at its early stages can help you prevent acne scarring. Less acne means fewer chances of scarring. The treatments for Acne may include topical medications, cleansers, chemical peels, laser toning, Radiofrequency microneedling, and microdermabrasion.

You did not Choose the right Acne treatment

It is important to treat acne with the right treatment. There are multiple treatment options for acne, and an experienced dermatologist can determine which works best for your skin.

The professional you see for the treatment must determine the type of acne first and then perform a procedure to remove them.

You did not avoid the sun.

It might surprise you that the sun can affect the severity of acne scars. As a matter of fact, regular and prolonged sun exposure can lead to several skin problems.

If you have to go out during sun hours, you must wear broad-spectrum sunscreen to keep the sun’s harmful rays at bay.
You might also be interested in reading about the habits that could lead to Acne. We have compiled a shortlist of the habits that can boost acne.

Habits that Worsen your Acne

Your Mobile Phone might be dirty

Mobile Phones can catch dirt and oil from our hands. When touched to your skin, these oily phones might block the pores, leading to acne.

You use hair products close to your hairline

Application of gel and other products may also block pores on your forehead. Make sure to apply these products away from the hairline.

Quitting too Soon

Acne treatments can take time, therefore, it is important to keep exfoliating the skin without giving up too soon.

Washing your face often

It might sound awkward, but washing the face frequently takes the essential oils away from the skin. As a result, the body procedures more oil which causes pimples on your skin.

Using too many creams

Too many creams often block the pores, leading to acne. For this reason, it is important to check the ingredients before applying any cosmetic products to your skin.

The Bottom Line

Giving up habits that cause acne and acne scaring is important. Preventing acne will naturally avert acne scars. However, if you have developed acne, it is important that you get appropriate treatment on time to avoid scarring.
Laser Skin Care Clinic Dubai specializes in various acne and Acne scars treatments. The State of the art infrastructure allows you to have a soothing experience while getting the treatment. So, wait no more and get in touch with Us to get rid of Acne and Acne Scars.