We all want nothing but the best for our skin that is why some people will do whatever it takes to achieve the best version of their skin. Some will opt for the latest technology for that perfect skin, others will stick to the old wives tale (home remedies) while others will want a taste of both worlds.

Home remedies are especially liked because they are inexpensive plus there people who just love to go the natural way.

Laser skin care treatments however have a number of advantages over home remedies such as;


Laser skin care treatments are safe because a dermatologist will have to review you first so as to determine if you are the right candidate for the procedure. With home remedies it is usually a guessing game as you will not know exactly what will work for you. Plus if not prepared properly home remedies can hurt and damage your skin.


With laser skin care treatments you only need about 3-5 treatments and you will begin to see the results almost immediately. When it comes to home remedies you have to keep applying them on your skin sometimes even on a daily or bi weekly basis and it will take a long time to see the results.

Evolving Technology

The technology for laser skin care treatments is ever evolving which means it is getting better and better and treating more skin conditions which are more complex than it did before. Home remedies have been stagnant over the years and they treat the same type of skin conditions they treated in the last hundreds of years.

Skin sensitivity

When it comes to skin sensitivity laser skin care treatment are all inclusive as they cater for all types of skin. Home remedies on the other hand are good only for normal and oily skin types. If you have sensitive skin you can easily worsen it with the home remedies.

No expiry date

The lasers that are used for skin care treatments have no expiry dates while home remedies are natural ingredients which can only last a couple of days at most.

Long lasting resulting

With laser skin care treatments the results are long lasting and some are even permanent. Home remedies results only last a short while and you have to keep doing them constantly.

Treats complex skin conditions

Laser skin care treats complex conditions by going deep into the skin such as burn and acne scars, warts and birthmarks removal, age spots and a host of other conditions that home remedies cannot treat.

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Laser skin care treatment can treat a number of things in one session such as even out skin tone, smooth wrinkles, tighten skin, reduce oversized pores, give the skin a new glow and stimulate collagen production. Home remedies on the other hand can only treat one or two things at a go.

Performed by a professional

Laser skin care treatments are performed by a qualified licensed professional who has years of experience under his or her name. Home remedies are done by anybody hence a higher risk to your skin. To get free consultation at skin care clinic in Dubai you can call us or fill the form.